Fortnite X Marvel: Zero Conflict Digital Comic

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero Conflict

Welcome to Zero Point

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero Conflict USA – 2022
Screenwriter:Christos Gage, Donald Mustard
Cartoonist:Sergio Davila
Editorial:Panini Comics – 160 pages – Colour


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Perhaps it is because the public that is fond of videogames and the public that habitually reads comics have many points in common, but the truth is that we find an infinite number of products that put both hobbies in common, surely with the healthy intention that the comic book reader who If you are not a player, give it an opportunity, and the video game fan decides to stop by a bookstore and take home some comics. In most cases, publishers have the upper hand, creating and designing video games starring their most popular creations, as was the case a few years ago with injustice, which revolutionized the landscape to tell a story that we would never have imagined on paper. As a direct result of the success of the video game, came the comic in which we delved into this version of the characters we had met on the screens, thus closing the circle in a masterful way.

However, the project that concerns us is born from videogames with their own entity, and it is that Fortnite arose as his own idea and ultimately a vast universe of fiction, created by Epic Games which, due to its enormous success, has been catapulted to other media, in the form of dolls, novels and comics, in which Marvel either DC They have not hesitated to cross their most successful characters. Yes last year DC he lent them his Batman, and he came to the stores batman-fortnitenow is the universe Marvel who comes across him from this popular game, in a series that now collects Panini in a hardcover volume. Wolverine, Spiderman and other characters from this fictional universe will join forces with the seven to travel to Zero Point, or what is the same, the center of all reality, which remains under the control of The Imagined Order. Written by Christos Gage Y Donald Mustardexperts in this type of crosses, and illustrated by our compatriot Sergio Davilathe tome is the perfect opportunity to bring out the heroes Marvel from their usual environment and take them to new playing fields, in an action-packed story in which it is not necessary to be an expert in Fortnite to enjoy your reading to the fullest.

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