Frankkaster, the soul of 9z, goes to Spain to win the Counter-Strike World Cup


He always says what he thinks and even if it’s off, he says that one of his greatest wishes is for 9Z -his team- to become among the best in the world. We are talking about the talented Francisco Postiglione, creator and director of a company in which 60 people work as players per season and fixed staff.

—Who is, or if you like, who was Francisco Postiglione?

—I was a very annoying, very naughty boy, who to keep me quiet for a while they put me in front of the PlayStation, I remember that my old man had bought the 1 and from a very young age I had a relationship with games, because as I told you, since I was 5 or 6 years old they fit me in front of the machine so that it would not break the balls. When I was older I went from career to career without knowing what the purpose of my life was, but at the same time I always worked. I had a couple of jobs for which I was paid to pay for my studies, I went from a newsstand to a financial company and ended up leaving everything to dedicate myself fully to what I do now.

Far from that time when, at the age of 17, I played behind the machine all day, frankkaster Today it has a team that has evolved with international projection and competes in the largest tournaments worldwide.

We had an in-depth chat with Frankkaster, the heart and engine of 9zTeam

—How was your transition to streaming exactly?

—I knew Martin (referring to Martín Perez Disalvo, better known as Coscu) because he lived around the corner from my house and I would cross him two by three in the “Chino”, until because of those turns that life has, I asked a favor. There I started playing with his group, we would get together to eat and from time to time I would appear in some of his streams.

“And how did it go on?”

—A short time later I started doing some streams and playing LoL, obviously, this while I had time because I was working and it became complicated; I would leave work, I would start broadcasting, then I would go to college and life like that became impossible, but I saw that there was little money to start with. But at some point I started charging more for streaming than for what I worked for, so I reconsidered my life. There I left the job and for everyone to see that I was serious, I did 56 hours of transmission in a row and I became known in the mainstream as the kid who was crazy about what he had done.

Frankkaster at AGS 2019 - Photography by Agustina Paniego
Frankkaster at AGS 2019 – Photography by Agustina Paniego

Frankkaster says that everything started as a game and that with a group of friends they played Fornite and needed money to have more competitive machines, and with enough time and perseverance they were achieving those goals. He started in another team and one day in August 2018 he launched his own esports team. In just over two years, Frankkaster definitively established itself as a benchmark for video game streaming and electronic sports. He decided to leave his job in finance and a university degree saying goodbye to plans to become a Geophysicist.

How did you get to your own team?

—All the passion I felt when working for other teams, one day became the question that definitely changed my life. What if I create my own esports team? This being known in the world of streaming made me have a good contract, I sold my career to a platform that was very bad but paid well and that allowed me to create the team. That shows in the early years of 9Z, we messed with everything to make it grow.

Frankkaster - CEO of 9z.
Frankkaster – CEO of 9z.

He started out playing League of Legends and gained exposure when he decided to stream. While the numbers went up, he fulfilled the first part of his big dream, the FiRe qualy. This allowed them to compete outside the country, and he thanks the organization for putting them on the international scene.

—In those days, what was the dream?

—My dream was to compete in a Major, and at this point we have participated in two and obviously, we continue working to one day win it.

—If you had to define yourself, do you feel like a player or a streamer?

—Several years have passed since the creation of 9Z and I can’t find my space between content creator and team player. I admire a lot how Ibai or Thegrefg do it, but I haven’t found a place yet. Perhaps in Europe, due to the resources they have, they can derive things that I still can’t. There are things that I can’t say anymore, you can’t fight and go out to fence. I am very sparkly, I have a difficult personality and I am very forward. I also feel that I am going to find the profile.

—How were the first international steps?

—In the first steps we took in international competition, two factors came together: we won the fire qualy, and that allowed us to compete abroad, that was our dream and they began to make it available to the teams in Latin America. Another factor was the game against Vitality, in which we were beaten and suddenly we pulled an ace up our sleeve and won it.

Listening to him speak is an injection of energy and this year he fervently wants to play a Major and for this reason they will settle in Spain all year to compete to the maximum. Passion It is the word and that is how life is taken. Frankkaster is as straightforward and deep in his way of life as he is in what he wants for himself and his team.

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