G2 begins with victory in the NA Challengers

The organization of G2 Esports opened the Valorant Challengers NA season in this 2023. With an eye on trying to climb to the highest competition of the moment at the end of the year, those of Shahzeb Khan «ShahZaM» and company needed to debut with the best of faces to gain confidence. And even though they didn’t start off in the best way, that’s how it ended up being.

G2 Esports Take Their First NA Win

As you will all remember, G2 Esports was left out of the franchise system for the big leagues of Valorant, both in NA and in the EU. Therefore, the team received an invitation to participate in the second level within North America, with an opportunity to move up at the end of the year. Here, you will find yourself all year fighting for promotion with teams of the stature of FaZe Clan itself -his rival on the first day-, TSM, MAD Lions or The Guardamong others.

In the debut series of the season, G2 with their new quintet managed to beat FaZe Clan, although they started behind on the scoreboard. G2 and FaZe were going to a Fracture in which a great Kevin Ngo «poised«With Skye, he broke all his plans and managed to put his team ahead in the series. The Canadian FaZe player ended the map with a +13 and 207 of ADR.

Already in Ice boxG2 had to face a composition of dual driver with Viper + HarborHowever, it was time to shine for the new young promise of G2, Francis Hoang «OXY». The American of only 17 years ended with a +14 with Raze and an amazing 252 ADR. Finally in the decisive map, G2 surprised with a double duelist composition in Havenwhere they gathered Jett + Neon to quickly enter points. However, they began to carve out their victory on defense, switching sides with a 9-3 lead. Finally, the roster from G2 debuted with victory, and already has the direct confrontation won against FaZe Clan. We remind you that the first four teams in each group will advance to the next phase.

This is the quintet with which G2 Esports will try to climb to the highest Valorant league in NA:

  • Shahzeb Khan «ShahZaM«
  • Michael Gulino «dapr«
  • Maxim Shepelev «wippy«
  • Erik Penny «pennies«
  • Francis Hoang «OXY«

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