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Despite the success in sales that Pokémon Scarlet and Purple are reaping, the performance of the latest editions of the saga for Nintendo Switch is still not excellent. Unfortunately, a new problem has just been added to both games and, above all, quite serious, because it is causing some players’ games are being deleted.

As we can read in Kotaku, this is what some users are reporting on Reddit after updating the games to the latest version, in addition to having connected them to Pokémon GO or also after having pre-purchased the expansions that will arrive in the last few months of 2023. As they have indicated, all this has been a determining factor when it comes to losing the data.

For example, one of them has indicated that he has started a game of 600 hours after having connected Pokemon Scarlet and Purple with the title of Niantic for mobiles for sending postcards. Also the problem is that nothing can be done to remedy it or recover the losses, because the files cannot be stored in the cloud.

The worst thing is that not everyone is affected by these problems, so there is also no very obvious way to know why it happens. Some of those affected have contacted Nintendo’s customer service and the only thing they have answered about it is that the company is aware of the situation and is investigating it, without providing more details about it.

Therefore, good advice is that you do not try to connect your games of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple with Pokémon GO and don’t get hold of the expansions until everything is resolved, because it would be a shame if you lose all your progress, regardless of the fact that the number of those affected at the moment is not very numerous.

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