Georgina Rodriguez rocks football after Cristiano Ronaldo announces retirement date

Georgina RodriguezSome? Cristiano Ronaldo, The date on which the Portuguese footballer could announce his retirement from football was revealed. The model shook up international football by breaking the news no one wanted to hear.

In a video circulated on social networks, the businesswoman also shared that she has very little time left Cristiano Ronaldo In football, it was in a conversation that they fashion week With Serbian singer Jelena Karleusa.

Georgina Rodriguez was asked when Cristiano Ronaldo would retire from professional football, and she replied: “Cristiano, one more year and then it will be over. “Maybe two, I don’t know.”

Giorgina assures that Cristiano Ronaldo can retire from football in two years

After these statements, many followers of the model have showered hypotheses on social networks Cristiano Ronaldo He believes that Real Madrid’s top scorer can say goodbye to the field after this world cup 2026, which will be played in Mexico, the United States and Canada, if the Portuguese national team qualifies for the tournament in North America.

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Georgina’s stunning dress in tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo

Georgina Rodriguez She turned heads on the catwalk of the renowned brand Vetements when she wore a dress made from the T-shirt of her partner Cristiano Ronaldo. The feature of the outfit was a T-shirt, apparently from Manchester United And transformed into a long dress signed by the player.

incredible dress Georgina Rodriguez It is red and also has a 7 on the front with a C on itCristiano Ronaldo In his career.

Georgina dazzles in a dress in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo

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the dress that honored Cristiano Ronaldo That’s when he returned Manchester UnitedD in the 2021–2022 season.

According to fashion experts, the reason for this Georgina She wore this outfit to revive a trend from the previous year, which was to use football team jerseys, as this was what was most commonly seen in “street style”.

Georgina Rodriguez’s butt caused a major scandal in Iran

butt of Georgina Rodriguez This caused a huge scandal in Iran and an Iranian newspaper decided to edit her butt photo so they could publish it on their network.

It was a family photo, as the image was originally published by the man himself. Cristiano Ronaldo on their official social networks and in which the couple appeared celebrating the footballer’s 39th birthday.

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Tehran City Council-related media ‘Hamshahri’ determined that the image was inappropriate for its readers and decided to censor it.

The Iranian newspaper chose to crop the butt of Georgina Rodríguez and it was the same photo that appeared on the network of Cristiano Ronaldo, but except for her intimate area that was brutally modified.

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