German route to Wembley

Andi’m the way to go wembley It begins in Germany and sets the pace for a German who returns to Madrid. arcadia Happy to give a good blow to the league. Overall, for Real Madrid fans the aroma of the Champions League, the sound of that little music, cannot be compared with anything that reappears today after an absence, unless for some people , incomprehensible in a competition that prides itself on being, well, the best in the world. World.

it is. Almost all the great people in history have engraved their signs on it, a category in which it does not clash. toni kross, the beacon of whites in their (theoretical) retirement season. Antonio, born in the GDR, the divided half of Germany that was assigned to Leipzig, is a unique footballer, refractory to the motivations of most of his professional colleagues. His five European Cups, with one bayern And four with Madrid, to give him the football and moral authority to raise his voice where others remain silent and, at the same time, to keep Madrid fans worried about his future.

Cruz and the unanswered million-dollar question: “I haven’t made a decision yet”

He did not shed light on his intentions in a press conference yesterday. ,I’d rather be asked to stay than asked to go“He said, encouraging supporters of a new last Dance With Madrid in 24-25. to his 34 years, the Bernabéu offers him a blank contract every game, attracted by his metronome accuracy and ability to rock Madrid at will. Its legitimacy has also encouraged its abbots German Federation To ask for one last service to the country in Euro which he will organize at home next summer. ,Those are the two big questions in my life right now.“Cruz accepted questions from the press. But he also made it clear that he should consider other “projects”. As stated: Football is currently the first thing in Tony’s life, but not the only thing. .

,Modric and I think different things about the future“, slipped to 8th place, thereby confirming once again his desire to retire from the vantage point of elite football, without considering possible motivations for more exotic (and attractive) destinations, a choice that would be discussed in the command center. seems to give importance to his alter ego. Madrid’s game in the last decade. It is also true that the situation luke It’s not Tony’s. The Croatian, 39, is already far from being the German’s first choice, always in Carlo Ancelotti’s starting consideration for the big games.

take care of opponent

Ancelotti: “Carvajal performed very well as a centre-back, am I going to move him from there?”

And tonight is. Maybe Vishal’s name is not in it bayern Munich’s impressive stadium borussia Dortmund, not even the freshness of bubbly Bayer Xabi Alonso’s Leverkusen, but RB leipzig He is a serious enemy. Sharp, fast, attacking, pressing, physical, as if supervitamined and mineralized by the energy drink multinational that gave birth to their rise to the elite in 2009, they had already given Madrid a good challenge in the last Champions League. On that occasion, with the league cushion, it hardly mattered, but the warning should have sounded to the Whites, arriving at the RB Arena with the usual medical reports and the added loss of Jude. bellinghamTheir best player of the season.

An intense duel is expected, as Madrid does not shy away from one-on-ones, blow-by-blow exchanges and muscle comparisons. But, if it is necessary to apply the brakes, reduce the revs, cool the boiler, frustrate the opponent by placing the ball in safe positions, Ancelotti knows he can always rely on Kroos, a player with an uncertain but reliable future. Is. Beyond all doubt and always firm but cold statistics.

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