Get a flat and toned stomach with these exercises

if you want to wear flat stomach And tonedYou should take care of your diet and include in your diet training routine apart Practice to work in the field stomach, Below you will find several tips with which you can burn fat get another one in this part of the body firm stomach,

Work on the abdominal area with dead worms

He dead bug one of two dead bug This is “the best exercise for” Work deep muscles Of our bodies,” he says. beatriz crespoResponsible for physical activation planning Diego De Leon Clinic, you have to Lie down fold yourself face up on the floor knees and pick up weapons turn by turn. These movements provide service Active upper abdomen And lower And ultimately a flat stomach is achieved.

Plank will help you get a flat stomach

physiotherapist marcos sacristanof channel Physiotherapy at your fingertips In youtubeexplain how to plank correctly for Work stomach Without hurting your back. “this is a isometric exercises The discipline of Pilates and all the stars have much in common core workout“, he insists. You must distribute weight in the middle of the body forearms And this suggestions of Feetlook forward and keep pelvis In reversionon the midline between heels And this shoulders,

Tone the abdominal area with horizontal scissors

coach Willie Ross teaches you how to horizontal scissorsA Exercise to work stomach, You have to lie down and put your hands under your arms lumbar region For protect her And avoid potential back pain. your goal is Rise Both Feet And rotate them horizontally, crossing one over the other and alternating.

With the Russian Twist you can strengthen your obliques and reveal a flat stomach.

Russian twists others are Exercise to get a flat stomach And toned, You have to sit on the floor, insert Trunk and lift your feet up knees flexible. then you have to touch the ground with Hand (or wearing ball or a weight for added resistance) on either side of your body. do you want it twist torso From left to right, as shown in the following video from a fitness expert jessie fit, This way you will keep working oblique stomach, senior officers And lower,

Try Bicycle Crunches to Exercise Your Abs

expert of gym company They state in their blog that it is best abs exercises For women, bicycle crunches serve for Work He full six pack In this stomach, How do personal trainers teach? Karen Zarate In the following video, the exercise is included paddle in the airLike you’re riding a bicycle, trying to get your elbow till Knee opposite of this.

Burn belly fat and show off a flat stomach with one hand toe touch

it Exercise They say it engages your entire body and is ideal for burning belly fat gym company, you will work exclusively with them obliqueHe stomach rectum And this lower abdomen, Lie on your back with your limbs extended and your hands above your head. As the name of the exercises in English suggests and you can see in the following video on the channel sail programThe aim is to raise a Hand And a Leg For reach with Hand Go secretly,

Do you want to get a flat and tight stomach? move with the climbers

on channel youtube Of bestcycling they teach you in slow motion how to draw a climberA Exercise For him stomach also known as Mountain climbers, support yourself with Hand And this tips of feet on the ground, keeping shouldersThe knees And hips aligned. shake a leg until reaching hip height and spread your legs He moves back, as if you are climbing. do you want it shrink belly When you do this.

Try varying it with standing crunches and you will be able to flatten your stomach.

patri jordan Share on your channel gymvirtual A a routine Standing abdominal movements that will help you burn calories and get one flat stomach, Expert shows different shift exercise and its repeatsBut you’ll see that many of them have purpose. raise legs and take it away Knee Him elbow,


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