Giants stay on the verge of victory in a close game against NaVi

Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 11:52 p.m.

About to get the first victory of the championship. This is how Giants, the esports club from Malaga, stayed last night in its second date of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), considered one of the reference competitions in the global ecosystem of this video game sector. “A heart attack game” that ended with a 2-1 result against a great performance by the Ukrainians from NaVi, who were about to lose to the Malaga team. But they finally came back to the block formed by Fitinho, Rhyme, Cloud, Nukkye and Hoody, the Giants players who are under Pipson’s orders and who left even better feelings than in the premiere this past Monday. A premiere match that allowed us to savor the victory against the world champion Fnatic, against whom they almost got extra time. “But the Malaga block offered a better performance against NaVi,” said the club after assessing this second VCT match against one of the competition’s favorites.

There are 30 powerful teams worldwide that fight in this league and this moment for the Giants is still historic for facing the best. In this second date of the Valorant Champions Tour that they held last night, the Giants boys took the first map (Icebox) 15-17 with Cloud as one of the keys to this start of the duel “after four heart-stopping extensions.” The second, which was played in Split, had a constant equality on the scoreboard and it seemed that the club from Malaga would end the game. But it wasn’t to be and in overtime, Shao killed two Giants players, making it 15-13 in favor of Navi and tying the overall.

So it was time to play on the third map, Pearl, which was very favorable for the Ukrainian team. “The first side was very even and augured hope for us, but several unfavorable economic rounds caused a negative ‘snowball’ that sentenced the series in favor of NaVi,” they analyzed from Giants. And that was how the third map ended with a result of 13-7 and the game was sentenced 2-1. Once again another bittersweet moment for the club from Malaga, which is one step away from knowing victory in this VCT.

Piqué and Ibai Llanos’ team

A difficult start to the competition, yes. But hope is the last thing they lose in the Giants, who are already preparing their next game that will be played on Friday, April 7 at 9:00 p.m. against KOI, the team led by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. A confrontation between the two Spanish teams, who will fight for a win to try to finish in the top six and have options to compete in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Giants have a whole week ahead of them to continue preparing in Berlin for their long-awaited first victory in the VCT.

The Ranking (Valorant Champions Tour)

1.FUT Esports



4.Team Vitality

(1-0) (1-0) (1-0) (1-0)
5. Natus Vincere (1-1) 6. BBL Esports (0-0)* 7. Karmite Corp (0-0)* 8. Team Liquid (0-1)
9. Team Heretics (0-1) 10. Giants Gaming (0-2)

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