Girl Cup in Pokémon GO: what are the best teams and what movements to use

The Girl Cup of Pokémon GO is a small, limited-time event that is part of the game’s Trainer Battles. In this brief guide we tell you what are the best pokemon to use in the Chica Cup and what equipment to use. Let’s go there:

How to access the Pokémon GO Girl Cup? What restrictions are there?

The Pokémon GO Girl Cup is a small game mode available for a limited time, accessible in this way:

  1. From the main menu, click on the Poké Ball icon.
  2. Click on Combats.
  3. Click on Fight in the GO Fighting League.
  4. We choose Small Cup.

The Pokémon GO Girl Cup has various limitations:

  1. Only specific Pokémon from a limited list are supported: only non-evolved Pokémon.
  2. Only Pokémon with a maximum of 500 CP can participate.

Taking into account these two restrictions, below we leave you with a list of several Pokémon and movements to use for the Pokémon GO Girl Cup:

What Pokémon to use in the Pokémon GO Girl Cup

We leave you a tier list of the Pokémon GO Girl Cup:

  1. bronzor with Confusion (fast attack), psych charge (charged attack) and Vendetta (charged attack).
  2. Wynaut with Counterattack (quick attack) and Mirror Cloak (charged attack).
  3. ducklett with Water gun (fast attack), Bubble ray (charged attack) and Brave Bird (charged attack).
  4. deino with dragon breath (fast attack), Dragon pulse (charged attack) and Crush (charged attack).
  5. helmet with Harassment (fast attack), Buzz (charged attack) and Body blow (charged attack).
  6. Galarian Zigzagoon with Tackle (fast attack), Dig (charged attack) and Body blow (charged attack).
  7. Alolan Vulpix with powder snow (fast attack), weather ball (charged attack) and Shadow Pulse (charged attack).
  8. jangmo-o with dragon tail (fast attack), Dragon claw (charged attack) and Demolition (charged attack).
  9. Wooper with Water gun (fast attack), mud pump (charged attack) and Body blow (charged attack).
  10. amura with Frost Mist (fast attack), weather ball (charged attack) and past power (charged attack).

We remind you that in our Pokémon GO guide we update you with all aspects of the game, such as how to redeem promotional codes or how to add new Friends.

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