Global failure with PlayStation: players are not able to access their digital games

Many consoles of this brand have been affected, leaving their players inaccessible. (pictorial image infobae)

Recently, the PlayStation ecosystem has been shaken by a technical problem that affects many of its users, who have reported difficulties accessing their digital games. There is growing concern over the possibility of losing earned titles, no small matter in the age of digital content.

This incident, which involves the Sony company’s consoles: PS4, PS5 and PS Vita, appears to be related to a bug that caused some digital licenses to become unlinked from users’ transaction history.

Till today, It has been confirmed that those affected include users over 50As per reports analyzed and discussed on various forums and platforms.

Players lost the digital game licenses they had acquired. (Photo: Infobay)

The crux of the problem is that, after an error occurs, the transaction history remains as normal; However, The section dedicated to games purchased in the digital library only shows titles acquired after the event.

This situation prevents players from accessing their previous games, despite appearing to belong to the user. Request to repurchase or re-add to libraryWhich is also affecting its economy.

These types of issues raise serious questions about ownership and access rights in the digital age, where increasingly, users do not have a physical copy of their purchases but rather a license to access them.

The consequences of the decision go beyond the technical realm and touch fundamental aspects of digital media consumption Security, User Experience and Trust In the systems that manage these licenses.

Some users have fixed the error, but it is recommended that they seek attention directly from Sony stores. (Photo: PlayStation)

Affected users have launched a communication campaign on platforms like Reddit to gauge the true scope of the problem.

In these places, in addition to sharing experiences and advice, Temporary solutions have been suggested while waiting for an official response from Sony, the company responsible for PlayStation.

One action in particular seems to act as a catalyst for this problem: pressing the “Restore License” button in response to the “CE-117773-6” error. Given such a scenario, users are advised to avoid performing this action and try to contact PlayStation Support to find the appropriate solution.

Sony, the manufacturer of PlayStation consoles, is aware of the situation and has promised to offer a definitive update or repair soon.

Sony has already spoken out through its official channels to give peace of mind to its users. (Photo: Reuters/Issei Kato)

At the moment, there remains uncertainty among affected players, as well as the PlayStation community in general, who are waiting for a solution that will restore full access to their game library. digital games,

While we wait for resolution, this case is a reminder of the importance of robust systems and adequate backups to protect both consumers’ investments and access to their digital content.

This incident highlights the need for clear and effective communication by manufacturing companies towards their users, Especially in situations that significantly impact your user experience.

For its part, the player community, faced with not receiving timely information, prefers to organize itself and seek collective solutions to common problems, which can lead to a model of solidarity and mutual support that beyond mere personal interests.

It is anticipated that this problem will be resolved within a matter of days, but it serves as an example for the adaptability of video game console and digital platform companies and the importance of problem solving and users’ understanding and action in the face of technical challenges. Is. Is emerging.

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