Golden State Warriors: Curry cries of helplessness because of Draymond Green in the middle of the game

Golden State Warriors Fight at the end of the regular season to remain in positions play-in And thus be able to maintain the illusion of being part of the postseason nba, That’s why it’s unforgivable draymond green Got himself sent off in the first quarter of last night’s game against orlando magic And hence the tears of helplessness Stephen Curry After a new irresponsibility of your partner.

Not even four minutes had passed since the start of the game and the score was 6-6 on the board. Green angrily confronts referee Ray Acosta Curry was called after a foul, until he was sent off double technical glitch, Drummond lost his temper and continued to protest for several seconds before leaving the court, while his partner’s frustration was evident.

Despite their elimination, the Warriors, who are fighting with the Houston Rockets to retain tenth place in the West, the last spot that grants access to the play-ins, managed to get a win in the Magic’s arena. Andrew Wiggins was the leading scorer with 23 points. Curry contributed 17 points and ten assists.

Draymond Green repeat offender: expelled again for misconduct

recently, nba allowed withdrawal of draymond green One after the other indefinite suspension Which was imposed three months ago. This measure was taken after a series aggressive behavior towards rivalsespecially during conflict Jusuf Nurkic, center for the Phoenix Suns. was green Out for 12 games As a result of these actions.

Despite this opportunity for redemption, the Michigan State graduate hasn’t changed his attitude. During his brief comeback, he was barely on the court three minutes, and his presence was detrimental to his team, who are struggling to secure their place in the play-ins. It is important to remember that Green has a History of violent incidentsSerious attacks have been made against players like Rudy Gobert, Domantas Sabonis and Jordan Pooleamong others.

Curry’s other reaction, the key to Warriors’ victory and excitement

it wasn’t the best game Stephen Curry the night before last orlando magic But he appeared in the end to score the last five points and ensure victory Golden State Warriors so that it can retain tenth place western conference despite the attack of Houston Rockets.

It is clear that Curry lived the game very intensely from the first quarter because of the ejection draymond green Until the end when the score was still very much in dispute and he appeared in all his glory to settle it.

Stephen Curry expressed anger after the Golden State Warriors victory.

John Roux/AP/LaPresse

The tension is obvious as it would be a true failure for the Golden State Warriors to not qualify for play-in, Today they are nailing it in last place in the Western Conference but they are only one game ahead of them. Houston Rockets who have an incredibly positive attitude ten consecutive wins And they bully everyone.

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