Goodbye to running: this is the most effective simple exercise to activate your metabolism and burn fat fast

Diet has been around practically all of life, the ancient Greeks understood the principles of consuming measured amounts of varied and simple foods as well as getting moderate exercise. Although this has been the basis of good governance throughout history, currently we have the ability to investigate many More aspects that directly affect fat burningOne of them is metabolism.

In recent years, the body’s physical and chemical processes have taken center stage. Knowing how it works has completely changed many weight loss processes. Experts take an in-depth look at its relevance To get rid of those kilos that are in our mind.

Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food and drink into energy. When we speed it up, we get that Our body burns calories more efficiently, Even at rest. To increase this energy expenditure and, therefore, lose weight, the best option is physical exercise.

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Long ago, exercise was relegated to excessive routine, feelings of soreness, and impossible workouts. Although those who do them achieve the results they have in mind, the truth is that they can also be achieved simply by knowing What areas should we work on?

There are more than 600 muscles in the human body, it is not completely understood which of them we should focus on to get the body we are looking for. Most of all, when they suddenly tell us about something that we had never heard before, like soleus, Although this may be a new term to many people, it is one of the most effective and The only one that has the power to burn fat through its activity.

What are soleus push-ups?

The soleus is a muscle that is located on the back of the leg, next to the gastrocnemius, and extends from below the knee to the heel. Although it represents only 1% of body weight, its activation is capable of maintaining elevated oxidative metabolism for hours, which Promotes fat burning.

Its form of activation comes from soleus push-ups, an exercise that came into the spotlight after a research study published in iScience in October 2022. In this, the test subjects were given a glucose drink before performing this exercise in a controlled environment for 270 minutes. Spread throughout the day. The results showed that Blood sugar fluctuations improved by 52% And a 60% reduced need for insulin, which lasted for more than three hours.

According to studies, by moving this single muscle we can Activate the entire fat burning process And we can double or triple carbohydrate oxidation throughout the body very easily and with little effort. The result is an exercise so simple that not only can it be done by everyone, but it can be done anywhere, including the work office.

Activating the soleus muscle can help us lose weight.


There is only one thing we have to do to practice soleus push-ups, Keeping your foot on the ground, lift your heel to its highest point and let it fall. To imagine this, we can think of the exercise of standing on tiptoes instead of sitting, just with that exercise we can lower our blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases. .

While the soleus flexion movement may resemble walking (lifting your heels and contracting your calves), experts He admitted that it was quite the opposite. When we walk, the body reduces the amount of energy used; However, this exercise causes the muscles involved and responsible for speeding up the metabolism to use as much energy as possible for a longer period of time.

These are the benefits of soleus push-ups

With just one simple activity we keep the oxidative metabolism elevated for hours, even sitting, but in addition to promoting fat burning by speeding up the metabolism, soleus push-ups can also Provide more benefits to our body.

  • Strengthening the soleus muscle. By constantly training this muscle responsible for plantar flexion of the foot, we are strengthening it and, therefore, improving the overall strength of the lower leg.

  • Better balance and stability. Soleus push-ups can greatly improve our stability and balance while walking, reducing the risk of falls and other accidents.

  • Reduce the risk of injury. Along with avoiding potential falls, this exercise can reduce the risk of lower leg injuries, making it especially important for athletes and people who perform high-impact activities like running or jumping.

  • Improve calf muscle tone, Like all muscles, when we train them, these push-ups tone and define the soleus muscle and, therefore, improve the appearance of our legs.

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