Goodbye to Stress: Slow Down, the Way That Improves Your Well-Being and Slows Down Your Life

You wake up after a tiring night in which you didn’t sleep as much as you wanted, and as soon as you put your foot down, everything starts going wrong.

move very fast, Showers, breakfast, emails, taking the kids to school, completing all the projects, eating in front of the computer, picking up the kids, shopping, setting up the washing machine, hanging out, cleaning, cooking… you’re crazy right now. Till the explosion occurred? If this isn’t your life, congratulations, but surely you know someone who lives like this.

Ana González and José Mendiola were one of them and, after reaching their limits and when life warned them, they decided

slow down, This is how they came together to write a book with four hands

art of living slowIn which they try to help us live a sober life so that we do not get the bill that happened to them.

«Living slowly has only one purpose:

enjoy your time And with it, your life,” says the author. “He

slow pace of life It is a philosophy that seeks to slow down the modern pace of life and reconnect with ourselves, with nature, and with the people around us. It emerged in Italy in the eighties as a response to globalization.

culture of urgency And excessive consumption,” he explains in the book.

and it’s the same

slow down It also reduces our stress levels by spending more time in activities that satisfy us,

enjoying the present moment more And without worrying so much about the future or about what happened in the past. Basically, the pillars of mindfulness.

And, as they say on social networks, ‘we have been deceived’. They’ve sold us that we can multitask, that we can

multitaskingBut actually this is a lie. Our brain is not prepared for this and, instead of processing these tasks, what we do is quickly switch between them, which causes

stress and frustration,

Four Steps to the Slow Down Method to Slow Down Your Life Cycle

1. Learn to prioritize

The author recommends addressing those first

things that are really important to you, The problem is that, many times, we do not know what our priorities are because we have not dedicated time to it.

enlightenment, Gonzalez and Mendiola write, “The objective was always to think about others and listen to oneself, rather than being selfish or egoistic.” “We live in such a fast and disconnected time that we don’t even know what we are.”

And according to the authors, we don’t know

shut up to yourself, and we fill our minds with noise so that we can’t hear ourselves. Podcasts, television series, music… anything is good as long as it doesn’t waste time

alone with our thoughts, For this reason, if there isn’t something you really want to watch, they recommend simple actions like disconnecting mobile notifications or not turning on the television.

Integrating the Slow Down Method into your daily life keeps you calm and happy. ,

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2. Simplify your life

For writers, it’s about reducing the items, people, tasks, and commitments to help us

focus on essential And forget the nonsense. there must be a shortage

Marked by your principlesYour values ​​and your needs are what you are trying to simplify in all your planning.

How else? with simple things like

events Do household chores once a week so you don’t have to think about it hurriedly at the last minute (increasing stress and ultimately making it worse), don’t look at the clock on vacation to enjoy it to the fullest, and remember this

There’s nothingSometimes this is also beneficial.

3. Plan your duties and desires

planning doesn’t mean happening

Harsh No one’s mind can be changed in these decisions and throughout the process. “The plan is a guide, a rudder with which to stay on course, but

you have to flowAdapt to new circumstances,” he says in his book.

You can start by planning your week. So dedicate a few days to sports for yourself

self carePersonal moments with your children, with your friends, with your partner… If you have already scheduled it, it is easier for you to adapt to the rest

Responsibilities So you can do things like this.

The author reminds you that it is important to know

focus on everything you doDon’t fill your days with obligations, review your priorities and be mindful

Be aware of the time you have So that this planning does not go against you and does not put you under unnecessary stress.

4. Focus on self-care

It depends on what they are

Your tastes and needs, This could be sitting down for an hour to read a good book, making yourself a coffee, or uncorking a bottle of wine to quietly enjoy a glass. Or visit a beautiful part of your city to admire its beauty.

“One must be ready to create.”

confusion in every act What he does,” he explains in the book. And you don’t need to go on a trip to some exotic place to feel that your life is full and that you are enjoying it. life becomes

small moments And you have to be ready to enjoy them.


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