Google’s Phone app starts recording call history made on WhatsApp

application google phone History has begun to show calls made over the Internet through services like WhatsApp as an example of what it does Apple on iOS.

Digital platforms like X, Messenger and WhatsApp They allow you to make voice and video calls over the Internet, over a WiFi network or with mobile data, instead of using the service of a telephone operator.

Communications appear recorded in their own history, within the service. However, they have also started appearing in the Google Phone ‘app’ history.

At least this is the case with WhatsApp calls, as shared by user Kishore Krishna on social networks like WhatsApp (version

in history, who come from the service of meta messaging They are identified as such below the contact name or phone number of the person calling.

This is a possibility that Google has introduced in Android 9 Pie, and it allows calls from third-party applications to be seen in the same system registry, as reported by Android analyst Mishaal Rahman. It is also available on iOS.

Rahman, on his part, has shared a new button that appears during calls in the beta of the Google Phone app, which indicates video calling. By clicking on it, the two participants in the voice call can switch to a video call through Google Meet.

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