Guimaraes announces league lineup changes

Guimaraes announces league lineup changes


Alajuelense coach Alexandre Guimarães announced in a press conference this Wednesday that he will make several changes to the formation of the Manuado team in relation to the changes introduced in the first leg against New England Revolution.

,Today (Wednesday) I will take decisions with those who will be on the field, and then those on the bench, who are very important. There are probably two or three changes that we would like to see and those will probably be where the game starts.“‘Guima’ said.

Regarding the complicated scenario of the series, where Manudos arrived with a score of 4–0, the coach was clear that they should think about scoring little by little and winning the match.

,The team should know that it has approximately 90 minutes to win the game. Second, we can’t think of entering by scoring 4 goals at once, we have to go one by one” commented Alexandre Guimarães.

The match between Alajuelense and New England Revolution is scheduled for 6:00 pm at the Alejandro Moreira Soto Stadium.

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