Hailey Bieber relaunches FILA brand with latest tennis ad campaign

global brand ambassador Phila From 2022, hailey bieber Appearing once again with clothing from the sportswear label. This new campaign pays homage to the key item that has linked the worlds of tennis and fashion since its debut in 1976: the iconic Settanta jacket. Available in multiple materials and colors, this jacket combines FILA’s Italian know-how with contemporary design elements. A sporty bomber jacket that will have no trouble seizing our wardrobe. But once again, it’s the famous Napo Baby we’ve got our eyes on. For him, “itIt’s exciting to represent a brand that has such a rich heritage“For us, this is undoubtedly the best strategy for the brand to regain its place in the hearts of fashion lovers.

Hailey Bieber, the perfect fashion inspiration for FILA?

In the midst of the revival of the 90s and 2000s, FILA brand Logically wants to look different in wardrobe again. To this end, the Italian sports brand’s strategy is simple: refocus on its origins in the world of tennis, its DNA and focus on influential figures of the genre such as hailey bieber, The ultimate It-girl for many years, this model turns everything she touches into gold. From her cosmetics brand Rhode to any new fashion pieces she adopts at Fashion Week, Hailey dictates movements and trends. So it’s no surprise that FILA is counting on the star to recapture its former hype. At the time of the brand’s global success, Hailey Bieber wore nothing but diapers, but that didn’t stop her from introducing herself into the collection’s DNA. We can easily see her on the sidelines of the tennis court in a pleated skirt from FILA’s new Spring-Summer 2024 range. And most of all… we want to copy it! Here are 5 FILA pieces that will makeover our wardrobe.

5 FILA Pieces That Hailey Bieber Inspires Us To Wear

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