Hamas said it did not know how many Israeli hostages were still alive in the Gaza Strip and that a ceasefire was far from likely.

A woman uses her cell phone in Tel Aviv near posters with images of people kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist group on October 7, 2023 (Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rollins)

Basim Naeem, Politburo member of terrorist group Hamastold the BBC’s Newshour program that the organization could not provide a list of hostages in its possession. israel Because even the organization itself does not know whether they are alive or not, how many there are, or where all the people kidnapped during the bloody attack on October 7 are.

“We have not presented any list yet”declared from Naeem istanbulIn a conversation with the British media this Sunday. Then he tried to hold himself responsible israel Of the subject: “First of all, technically and practically, Now it’s impossible to know who is still alive and who is dead Who has died of hunger because of Israeli bombing or because of the Israeli blockade,” he said.

The war began with an attack in which terrorists crossed into Israeli territory, where they killed more than a thousand civilians and abducted more than 200, the largest anti-Semitic attack in a single day since the Holocaust. Was. Kibbutzim located near the border with the Gaza Strip were also demolished and in some cases completely destroyed.

However, Palestinian politicians believe that the responsibility for not knowing the fate of those abducted by jihadists lies with the government and the Israeli military, who have launched counterattacks until reaching various objectives in the Gaza Strip. There he intends to reach the refuge of Yahya SinwarThe group’s military leader and mastermind of the October 7 attacks.

Naeem said this “The hostages are with different groups in different areas and that is why we have asked for a ceasefire to be able to collect data.” However he also warned that Hamas would not accept any agreement without an end to the war and a complete withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza.

One of the alleged images of Yahya Sinwar, taken by the Israeli military while analyzing video seized in the Gaza tunnels (Photo by Israeli Army/AFP)

Egypt and Qatar negotiators fail to contact Hamas Gaza chief Yahya SinwarSaid that its approval is necessary to implement the agreement Wall Street Journal.

For this reason, an anonymous Hamas official told an American newspaper that it seems Unlikely to arrive before planned start of Ramadanon March 10, and on the other hand, it may Occurs on the first weekend of the Muslim holy month of,

Sinwar, the alleged mastermind of the October 7 attacks, is believed to be hiding here. Warren of tunnels beneath Khan YunisThe southern Gaza city where he was born in 1962. US officials said they agreed with Israel’s assessment that Sinwar was in hiding somewhere beneath his hometown and had moved on. surrounded by hostages, A fixed insurance policy.

Archive image of Mohammed bin Abderrahman Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar (EFE/EPA/Anna Szilagyi)

first minister Qatari, Mohammed bin Abderrahman Al Thaniarrived this monday Washington And will meet the US Secretary of State. anthony blinkenTo achieve an accomplishment amid the efforts of mediators ceasefire in Gaza before the beginning of RamadanThe next one is scheduled for March 11.

Qatari diplomacy also heads “Chiefs” Qatari delegation for the sixth round of Qatar-US strategic dialoguewhich will be held tomorrow,” said the spokesperson Qatari Foreign Ministry, Majid Al Ansariin your account x,

He said he would meet blinken And both will inaugurate this dialogue, which will include twelve sessions in various fields bilateral cooperation,

In parallel, the Vice President of the United States kamala harris Will meet with a member of the Israeli war cabinet at the White House this Monday benny gantza meeting at which he will reiterate the United States’ position on implementing Temporary ceasefire to bring more humanitarian aid into Gaza and free hostages.

Israeli Minister Benny Gantz to hold meetings in Washington despite Netanyahu’s opposition (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

Gantz, Netanyahu’s centrist political rival, visited Washington in defiance of the Israeli prime minister. This week he will meet several senior officials of the Biden administration, including Secretary of State Harris herself. anthony blinken And jake sullivan, White House National Security Advisor. President Joe Biden is at Camp David, the presidential residence outside Washington, until Tuesday.

a far-right party official Likud Netanyahu said this Gantz did not have the prime minister’s approval for his meetings in Washington And? Netanyahu gave a ‘stern talk’ to the cabinet officialThe conflict underlines the growing rift within Israel’s war leadership nearly six months after the Israel-Hamas war.

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