Hamas’s top military leader in Gaza has not been in contact with negotiators for six days and is suspected of trying to disrupt the ceasefire

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza, (Europa Press/Contact/Yousef Massoud)

way to get a ceasefire in Gaza before the beginning of Ramadan The obstacles continue to be faced this Monday Efforts by mediators from Qatar, Egypt and the United States.

The main problem is that, for at least a week, Egypt and Qatar negotiators fail to contact Hamas Gaza leader Yahya Sinwarpointed out that approval of the agreement is necessary for its implementation Wall Street Journal.

For this reason, an anonymous Hamas official told an American newspaper that it seems Unlikely to arrive before planned start of Ramadanon March 10, and on the other hand, it may Occurs on the first weekend of the Muslim holy month of,

Sinwar, the alleged mastermind of the October 7 attacks, is believed to be hiding here. Warren of tunnels beneath Khan YunisThe southern Gaza city where he was born in 1962. US officials said they agreed with Israel’s assessment that Sinwar was in hiding somewhere beneath his hometown and had moved on. surrounded by hostages, A fixed insurance policy.

The final message sent by Sinwar to Hamas’s political leadership in Qatar said there was no need to rush a deal on the hostages, according to people familiar with the talks. he said so Sinwar expected an Israeli attack on the city of RafahIn southern Gaza, there will be a push during Ramadan Palestinians living in Israel and the West Bank will rise up against Israel.

Sinwar, the alleged architect of the October 7 attacks, is believed to be hiding in a warren of tunnels under Khan Yunis (EFE/Pablo Duerr).

Israel also believes this now Sinwar may like tension increases during Ramzan Instead of bringing about a pause in the fighting, an Israeli official was quoted as saying WSJ,

Israeli media cited unnamed officials channel 12 And Ynet They said that Jerusalem suspects that Sinwar has no intention of reaching any agreement in the coming days And There is a possibility of increase in violence during Ramzan.

In that situation, Israel not only fears increased tensions on its borders. Horoscope And lebanonbut also inside Western coastwhere tension is high, as well as in JerusalemWhere there is a possibility of conflict regarding this Temple Mount and access to sacred space.

Israeli and US officials said Israel had accepted the outline of the deal negotiated by American, Qatari and Egyptian mediators in Paris last month. This framework includes a A six-week pause in fighting and an increase in the flow of aid to Gaza, But Hamas has not yet given a detailed response.

Israel did not send a negotiating team to Cairo yesterday after receiving an unsatisfactory response from Hamas On the latest outline of the agreement on the release of hostages.

Smoke after Israeli attack in Khan Yunis (Reuters/Ibrahim Abu Mustafa)

According to an Israeli official, the Gaza-based terrorist organization refused to heed Jerusalem’s demand to provide a list of surviving hostages and determine how many Palestinian security prisoners Israel should release for each freed hostage.

Israel gave to Hamas Deadline set for Ramadan to return Gaza hostages or face ground offensive in Rafah, on the border with Egypt, where more than one million displaced Gazans seek refuge. Ramadan, which begins around March 10 this year, has been the epicenter of violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories in recent years.

Israeli operation in Gaza This cannot be concluded until Sinwar is captured, killed, or becomes no longer suitable to lead the organization., current and former Israeli officials have said in interviews. Underscoring the need to eliminate the terrorist leader, and the extent to which the war depends on the success of that mission, the Prime Minister benjamin netanyahu He said at a meeting of his Likud party faction earlier this month: “We will kill Hamas leaders. “We should not end the war before that.”,

But according to Israeli, American and other intelligence and security officials, locating Sinwar is not as difficult strategically or politically as a military operation to neutralize him without killing or injuring many of the hostages nearby. drive. Difficult to find Israel’s most wanted man Many of them spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive information and operations.

“It’s not about figuring it out, but about “Do something without risking the lives of the hostages.”a senior Israeli official said.

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