He didn’t raise the million euros to pay the bail

Status of former Brazilian football player Dani Alves, CThere is still no end in sight to those convicted of sexual harassment. On March 20, the Barcelona court agreed to the defendant’s request for provisional release in exchange for bail of one million euros.

Since that day, the Brazilian defense has tried to raise money to pay the bail that would allow him to be released if the case is reopened.


At first, it was thought that the father of neymar, his partner in barcelona And the Brazilian team itself will provide the money to pay the bail.

However, on March 21, with a publication on Instagram, he closed the issue: “This is an isolated situation,” the statement noted.

Despite the da Silva family’s disapproval, the Barcelona hearing gave Alves a new opportunity to raise money before 2pm on Friday, March 22, when the courts close.

That deadline was also not met and the defense asked for one more hour to collect the money.

Daniel Alves


At 3 pm on Friday, March 22, it was revealed that the former football player’s defense had not yet paid bail, allowing him to be temporarily released.

That means Dani Alves will have to spend the weekend in jail as the courts are closed until Monday when the new deadline for Alves to deposit the money will be reached.

If he is released from prison, Alves will have to surrender his two passports and appear in court if requested.

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