He quit his job and created a business: now he works 3 hours a day and earns over US$1.7 million per year. mix

He quit his job and created a business: now he works 3 hours a day and earns over US.7 million per year.  mix

At the age of ten, jenny woo Learned to read non-verbal social signals. He had no English skills and had to immigrate from China to Houston, Texas (Use, They communicated with their peers primarily by observing their body language and listening to their voices to learn what excited, motivated, or angered them. His story of improvement and success has become viral On various social networks.

Wu learned to communicate better with managers after using her communication skills. emotional intelligence (In other words) In large corporations like Deloitte and Cisco. She worked for a time at her children’s Montessori school in Southern California.

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He is a famous business influencer and gives tips for a successful entrepreneurship
He is a famous business influencer and gives tips for a successful entrepreneurship

While working on her master’s degree at Harvard University in 2018, she invested $1,000 of her savings to launch Mind Brain Emotion, which sells EI-focused card games on Amazon. Last year, Secondary business made US$1.71 million on Amazon, Wu estimates that 40% of that revenue is profit.

work 3 hours a week

Among the side business and his three other current sources of income: lecturing at the University of California Irvine, running an online course on EI, and freelance business consulting, Works between three and 30 hours per weekHe says cnbc make it, Her workload depends on the season, and her multiple sources of income allow her to be completely isolated when her three children are at home.

“The mission has always been to make knowledge, skills, abilities, mindsets and attitudes accessible… so everyone can really enjoy,Wu, 42, says, “But being able to support my children … is also a true measure of success for me.” He added,

how do you run your business

Wu talks about how she set up her side business, why she chose to run it alone, and her advice to anyone looking to replicate her path. “Becoming the (sole) founder is a very deliberate choice for me. From my experience in the corporate world and Harvard Innovation Labs, I’ve seen co-founders really go off the deep end (and ruin friendships). “I really wanted to avoid that.”He said.

“It also helps with scheduling. I started this as a full-time student and mom. Now, I love traveling with my three children. I can take control without feeling like I’m disappointing (a partner),revealed. “As my children grow up, I would like to eventually operate and grow the business globally. I definitely want to recruit and bring people onto my team, but only if they have the right talent.”He added.

Wow, you have five academic degrees and a decade of experience working for corporations. Your advice for success: “First: Never stop learning. “I tell my students that I am a lifelong learner first and an entrepreneur second.”

“You have to do it too be your own entertainer, When I was learning English in middle school and high school, there were many incidents where I felt very shy, where I felt like I wasn’t good enough, where I felt like I didn’t know anything. (Navigating those) issues can give you coping skills and make you more resilient. There will be critics and imitators. You just have to keep going.”He said.

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