Hector Huerta ‘busts’ Cabasita for lack of commitment to US

Mexico City. ,

within the framework of the very possible departure of jonathan rodriguez till portland timbers MLS’s, ESPN’s sports analysts, Hector Huerta He ‘busted’ Cabesita “Lack of compromise” with America Club. It is even being said that the Azulcrema team should have dedicated a 5–1 victory against Atlas foxes.

Hector Huerta vs. Cabecita Rodriguez

In a version of football picante Hector Huerta Declared: “I will dedicate this game to Cabesita Rodriguez. Five goals is a strong message because we can see two faces: someone who has no commitment to the group, He doesn’t want to be a part of this America Who wants to create an era”.

like that, Hector Huerta compared the commitment shown by them Henry Martin Different Cabasita Rodriguez. Highlighting that one “left the team” in search of a better economic offer and was playing minutes mls, in front of mexican team He missed a penalty and later scored a double against Atlas.

“opposite face, Henry Martin. He missed a penalty, another penalty ‘I take it again’ and another penalty with great authority.” It is noteworthy that during the victory America At Atlas, Copa team overtakes Zoros with doubles Henry Martin and Alejandro Zendejas, plus one more goal Julian Quinones.

Cabecita has always accomplished

However, despite harsh criticism of the Uruguayan striker, the analysis table agreed that jonathan rodriguez He has performed consistently for whatever team he has played for in recent years. Which of the two Santos Laguna, Cruz Azul, Al-Nasr or America, The South American striker has managed to make a positive impression on those teams.

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