Heinz and Fortnite come together so that the floors are not ‘Game Over’

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Heinzthe brand for a variety of table sauces, in its commitment to sustainabilitymakes an appeal to society and joins the gaming world in an innovative proposal: the fans of Fortnite They will have the objective of taking care of the soil so that the tomatoes and food grown do not suffer a game over.

He floor plays an essential role in the food system. In fact, it is estimated that the 95% of food that we eat are produced directly or indirectly in the soil. But according to environmental experts, our floors are at risk and they could disappear in just one generation if we don’t act in time.

Every little gesture counts and we can all play a crucial role in protecting our soil. It is a battle worth fighting and with that objective this alliance was born.

Heinz and Druid Gaming, experts in E-Sportshave created a unique island in which fans of the game will have to take care of their tomato crops by implementing some of the sustainable and regenerative practices that Heinz applies in the real world to grow their tomatoes and thus guarantee the quality of their iconic Ketchup. The island will be named after Heinz SOS Tomato Islandwith which the company makes a clear appeal: “Save our soils”.

Starting today, players will be able to experience the Heinz tomato growing journey: They will start in greenhouses with small tomato plants and then transplant them in the fields, where they will grow and obtain ripe tomatoes. But it won’t be easy: the usual safe zone of protection of Fortnite it will shrink 33% faster than usual, thus representing the rate at which soil health is declining in real life.

“When it comes to Heinz, it all starts with our delicious tomatoes, and for that it is important to ensure the health of our soils. With this initiative, we want to make visible For our part, we are building better soils that will not only allow us to continue obtaining quality tomatoes to prepare our Ketchup, but also promote practices that also improve the health of the environment by reducing, for example, emissions of carbon.”declares Cristina Kenz, Director of Growth and Sustainability at Heinz.

Heinz will contribute 30 million dollars per hectare crop tomato, which is equivalent to 13.5 million m2 of land (equivalent to more than 1,600 soccer fields).

Starting today, players will be able to to access to Heinz Tomatoes SOS Island by entering the code ‘1877-1435-6432’ on the island code page on the screen “Discover” in Fortnite.

In the last year, the company joined pulpex in the development of sustainable packaging and, as part of his campaign “Ketchup, but tomato first”allied with ASAJA (Agrarian Association of Young Farmers) to train and transmit knowledge and experience in sustainable farming to new generations through the “Heinz Sustainable Scholarships”.

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