Heretics CEO explains why the club parted ways with G2

Throughout history, G2 Esports has partnered with different clubs to have an academy in the Super League. Prior to the arrival of G2 Arctic, with Arctic Gaming, the European organization was allied throughout 2019 with Team Heretics. The project, known as G2 Heretics, went from less to more throughout the year. The team closed the season by falling in the finals of the national competition against Origen BCN. However, despite not having bad results, the entities decided to separate their paths for their respective future.

The CEO of Team Heretics, Antonio Catena, has explained through Twitter why the heretics decided to part ways with G2 Esports. Catena has revealed that the first reason was the impossibility of being in the Super League in its own right: «We realized that in this way we would never get our own place in the Super League, while each year the entrance was more inaccessible, the league became more robust and it was more expensive to enter«. The CEO of the organization has revealed that the club took the option of “being spectators” at the cost of being able to enter as an independent entity.

However, one of the key reasons for the separation of the project with G2 Esports was the long-term ambition. Team Heretics wanted to be in the future in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), so according to Catena, separating from the samurai was an obligation. «The real reason was that under the G2 brand we could never aspire to enter the LEC, since we would be seen as an academy and not a relevant brand to become among the best clubs in Europe.“, said the CEO of Heretics.

Finally, time has proven Team Heretics right in their decision. The organization returned to the Super League in 2022, winning its first national title in the summer and returning the EMEA Masters to Spain later. Along with the national success came the entry into the LEC, where the club bought the place from Misfits Gaming. Heretics is currently in sixth position in the league with two wins and three losses, tied with KOI and Fnatic.

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