Heretics gets stuck in VCT EMEA

The second day of the VCT EMEA leaves a vale of tears for the Spanish fans. Team Heretics does not finish finding itself in its debut against a FUT Esports that is already leading after surpassing those of mixwell very solidly.

This leaves a scenario where KOI has been the only Spaniard who has achieved a victoryin addition to a quite serious rival like Na’Vi and coming back with suffering.

Turkish Rusheada for the Heretic

As an afternoon start FUT removed the block of the entries by Heretics with brutal mastery. The leader who managed the times and the rotations went through a qw1 that with his Raze was the openkiller and the murderer of his own.

The Pearl finished it off with a resounding 4-13 in which their 22 casualties and the four times their team gained the advantage were well worth it for them to better position themselves.

Despite such a bulky result, the start of the rounds was distributed. 7 for heretics and 10 for FUT Esports forced on several occasions that MrFaliN and the rest had to organize themselves better so that the disadvantage did not weigh so heavily on them.

Obviously this weight did not end up taking its toll and the duelist in overwhelming mode signing several double, triple and one block kill The first map for the Turks was narrowing down.

In Lotus, Heretics took a step forward and gained prominence on offense. From the 2-0 start, they scored 8 consecutive rounds and it seemed like they were waking up. Both AvovA and keloqz stood out and either with the spike or rushing to the rival, they were marked with a comfortable 8-4 when changing sides.

However, the Turkish fury already appeared at the end of the first half to add ten points in a row, recovering the difference, taking the lead and signing the 9-13.

They were largely to blame for this situation MrFaliN, qRaxs and AtaKaptan who were doing the kills and adding the rounds, while qw1 was the can opener with the Neon.

In addition, the first three did and undid at will starring in three 4K with a greater show in the case of qRaxs who began the second half scoring a 1vs4 to take them ahead.

Thus, a defense to put the ninth round and one more offense for FUT gave the final result that gave the Turkish quintet the leadership of the VCT EMEA.

Wasps sting the horse

The second match of the day featured the first decider of the season. Team Liquid and Team Vitality faced each other in a give and take that had to be decided on the third map falling on the side of the wasps.

Starting in the Haven, the boys from ceNder had control of the map from the first sets, reaching 0-8 as soon as they started.

The spike starred in the plays and of these five times it exploded without finding a way to defuse it in Liquid.

At the change of roles, those of nAts they made up the defensive nonsense they had made with three points to get a streak of four points in a row.

Unfortunately, the good defenses of wasps and the combination between BONECOLD, Destrian and MOLSI did all the damage on a Jamppi and Redgar that they went blind without the starter and the smoker.

The great work of the wasps as a whole made it easier for them to end up putting the score at 6-13 to open the scoring.

The tie was not long in coming with a defensive block from Team Liquid that prevailed by a resounding 13-2 to send everything to decide.

Sayf and nAts got tired of waiting to see what the rival would do and taking advantage of a game of rotations and defending the sites in Fracture they finished the first half 10-2.

In fact, the horses would not win any more rounds and it is that the Swede would dress up as a hero doing a good part of the work of his team, with 93% of KAST that was distributed among the openkills and their own kills What was he doing with the Raze?

The second part did not have much work and in just three rounds one of the most serious maps to date was concluded.

Conclusion, Vitality and Liquid were playing a very close in which the advantage that the soulcas boys ended up with frayed in the same defense that they had forged themselves.

Between the kills of Twisten (with the Raze) and MOLSI and the openkills of BONECOLD and Destrian the good approach to clutching and defend the sites round by round it was achieved until they turned the score around and put the final firework from 10-10 to take the 10-13 that gave them the hard-fought victory.

Two more games leave a scenario in which there are only two teams left to find out which five start off on the right foot and who has to review things so that on the next date of the VCT EMEA I didn’t catch them off guard or with an unloaded weapon.

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