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first half of the lineup new York Yankees It seems to have been defined, at least at first. DJ LeMahieu, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo have been called upon to take turns at first. However, one name is ready to enter the ranks among those great hitters, we are talking about the Venezuelan infielder. Gleyber Torres,

Throughout his career, the Creole second baseman has played in 734 games big leagueThey are distributed as follows:

  • First hitter: 42 games
  • Second hitter: 45 games
  • Third hitter: 120 games
  • Fourth hitter: 97 games
  • 5th hitter: 187 games
  • Sixth hitter: 114 games
  • 7th bat: 49 games
  • 8th bat: 23 games
  • 9th bat: 60 games

It seems that the fifth position in the order is what suits him best. Gleyber TorresThis was confirmed by him and his manager Aaron Boone this past March 6. spring training 2024,

Home run by Gleyber Torres against the Tampa Bay Rays

In the bottom of the sixth inning and the game went 4×1 in favor of the Tampa Bay Rays Gleyber Torres In the batter’s box for the third time in the game. before shipment of colby white With one out on the board and the count at 1-1, Venezuela made themselves felt with their bat. a cutter 85MPH All the Creole needed to get the ball flying in the sky of La Florida was a little inside 98MPHIt took off with an angle of inclination of 28 degrees with respect to the horizontal and landed on 360 feet Behind the left field boundary.

Gleyber TorresIn spring training 2024, reports an offensive line of .313/.294/.857 with four RBI and one run scored.

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