How Beyonce and Lil Nas

Sunday February 11th, it was unforgettable Super Bowl… The so-called championship finals in the United States American football. So who won? is a big winner Beyonce. Because the Super Bowl is also the musical event of the year. And the show is happening at half time this year with crazy performances from artists like Usher. But the show continues during advertising pages, which costs a lot. And here’s what we heard:

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The fiery country song announced the release of its next album on March 29. Like the other one released immediately on the platform: “16 Carriages”. And it’s already a commercial success. Both songs reached the top of the country’s charts. This is the first time that a black artist has reached these heights.

It’s a strong symbol because country music, an industry in the United States, does not belong to red-haired people, reactionaries from the southern states or even outright racist straight white men. Black artists are an integral part of the birth of this musical genre. For example, the banjo, this ubiquitous stringed instrument in this register, was imported by black slaves of the time.

Spring 2019, the arrival of Old Town Road

Old Town Road by rapper Lil Nas
Lil Nas The pseudonyms of country purists would soon overshadow their success. And they will succeed.

Billboard, which publishes weekly reference rankings of songs, placed Old Town Road in the country category, before moving the sound to the rap category. Classifying Old Town Road as country would allow it to reach a wider audience, overturning the overwhelmingly white classification. This means that Lil Nas He is not the only person to face racism on this topic.

“I wrote a lot of country songs” But as nice as it is to see their name in a credit like that, the racism that comes after that is just… so I’ll just take the check,** T Pain claimed on TikTok Live that his name doesn’t appear on country songs he writes because of racism.

As she did with her last album Renaissance and Techno Style, Beyoncé claims her black country roots. In Texas Hold ‘Em, she sings over the banjo chords of Rhiannon Giddens, also a black woman.

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