How can you earn money by creating maps in Fortnite?

Fortnite will go from being a Battle Royale-type video game, to being a base on which new experiences can be designed, for which there will be a payment and content monetization system.

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Given the loss of popularity of the video game, the company Epic Games released Fortnite Creative 2.0, an application that allows users to create experiences and games that can be shared with others within Fortnite itself.

While the main experience will continue to be the battle royale, the new application promises to revolutionize this entertainment sector. It works from Unreal Editor, a simplified and amateurish version of the professional editor Unreal Engine 5one of the most important graphics engines in the industry.

The players will be able create your own experiences designing maps and new game modes based on Fortnite or totally different. The interface, which is endowed with professional development tools, has simplified processes that make it much more friendly and accessible to users.

The launch of this feature is the first step towards consolidating the game as a creation and consumption platform of all kinds of experiences that go far beyond the video game genre battle royale.

How can you earn money?

Designing requires time and effort from users, that’s why Epic Games will reward to those who create new experiences for the community. For this, the company presented the creator economy 2.0, a payment and content monetization system for the game.

40% of income that generates the Fortnite store it will be destined to pay the creators of the best experiences. Users who want to start use Creative 2.0 in a more professional way they can register as official creators to start getting paid based on the success and popularity of their designs.

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The only ones restrictions to access this program are that the Fortnite account is older than 90 days and the user is of legal age. For its part, the value of the payments will depend on the number of players that enter each creation, as well as their permanence within the designs.

How to access Unreal Editor?

1. Go to the Epic Games Store.

2. Search for the Fortnite game. If you do not have it installed on your computer, you must download it first.

3. Go to the section Accessories.

4. Click on the Unreal Editor for Fortnite option.

5. Click on Get and the download and installation will be done for free.

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each of the creations will generate a unique access code to test the map and share it with friends or a community of followers.

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