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Coldplay, BTS and League of Legends starred in a phenomenon that does not stop growing: the use of movie theaters for “alternative” shows

Movie fans know that the best way to enjoy a good story is through a giant screen and surround sound. However, movies are not the only productions that say they are present at Cinemark Hoyts. There are more and more concerts and gaming events that arrive at their theaters with an unprecedented response from the public, who wants even more.

2022 was full of examples of this phenomenon, where communities not necessarily movie fans filled theaters and sold out concerts and gaming events to experience them in a different way. As Hollywood recovers from the pandemic with few major theatrical releases, the music is here to stay with innovative formats and unique live broadcasts that can be enjoyed from comfort of an armchair and with a rich accompaniment.

The featured show of this 2022 was Coldplay Music of the Spheres – Live Broadcast From Buenos Airesrecital that almost 40 thousand people they chose to see in theaters. The band led by Chris Martin He made a total of ten presentations in the country, with national and international guests, and his impressive show was also seen in theaters by fans who are looking for unique experiences.

The k-pop band BTS broadcast their concerts in theaters

The k-pop band BTS broadcast their concerts in theaters

Earlier in the year, bts also sold out functions with Permission to Dance on Stage, another live broadcast that took place in movie theaters around the world thanks to cutting-edge technology and a community of fans that knows no borders. Apart from being visually explosive concerts, ideal for living on the big screen, they are also shows where fans can feel like protagonists by sharing it in a community and simultaneously with viewers from all over the world.

More and more shows are coming to theaters, with proposals for wide audiences and with very different tastes. The fans of The Beatles Y last last they were also able to see their favorite artists like never before thanks to the premieres of The Beatles: A Concert for George Y Duran Duran: A Hollywood Higha film that also includes interviews and documentary material to complement the sound experience with what fans love so much behind the scenes.

Gaming is not far behind in this trend and is a separate phenomenon. players and spectators League of Legends sold out shows at six Cinemark Hoyts complexes to see the finale of worldsthe world championship of the popular video game created by Riot Gamesin November 2022. What many reserve for the comfort of their armchairs is slowly becoming an event to share and enjoy in a big way in the nearest movie theater and with maximum euphoria.

Video game tournaments can also be followed on the big screen

Video game tournaments can also be followed on the big screen

Something similar happened with Critical Rolethe popular web series starring voice actors from the world of cinema and gaming, which brought one of its campaigns to the big screen for the first time in 2022. The fanatic crew of the game Dungeons & Dragons led by actor Matthew Mercer premiered functions in January and December. The public responded in the best way because the particular adventure served as a great preview of the premiere of the adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieveswhich will arrive in March.

This 2023 is preparing with many more novelties for lovers of concerts on the giant screen. months before its presentation at the lollapaloozaadmirers of billie eilish you will be able to enjoy the live artist like never before with Billie Eilish Live at the O2extended show of the world tour of Happier Than Ever. With the highest visual and sound quality, 20 cinematographic cameras and a total of 27 songs, the filming hits theaters for the first time on January 27. The show is nominated in the Best Musical Film category at the GRAMMY Awards 2023 which will be delivered in February.

Although the year is just beginning, February is also going to have another show of bts in the theaters of the Cinemark Hoyts complexes. The pre-sale of tickets begins on January 11 and three performances packed with an audience ready to dance and sing are expected. More events are also expected from the gamer world, which is preparing great competitions and initiatives for all of 2023.

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