How long is League of Legends maintenance? Answered

Games like League of Legends require servers and maintenance to maintain constant normal functionality. This is why League of Legends requires ongoing updates and maintenance to fix any potential issues with the servers and ensure the smoothest gameplay. League of Legends often has scheduled maintenance to fix things by the developer, and the game is unplayable while maintenance is taking place. These scheduled maintenances typically occur during periods when the game is less active. However, League of Legends sometimes suffers major server issues during busy game hours, forcing the developers to put the game under maintenance to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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How long does maintenance last in League of Legends?

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Scheduled maintenance tends to happen early in the morning or late at night when most players are asleep or not actively playing. Generally, these scheduled maintenance will last between one to three hours. Occasionally, League of Legends maintenance may last up to seven hoursdepending on the severity of the issues affecting the League of Legends servers.

When the game is facing emergency maintenance during active game hours, Riot Games will attempt to fix the issue as quickly as possible. These types of maintenance will take one to two hours to fix as the developers will be working with all their hands on deck to work on the issue and make the game work to ignore any revenue loss the company might face if the game is unplayable for too long. However, if the problem is too difficult for the developers to solve quickly, emergency maintenance can also last several hours.

When League of Legends servers go down for maintenance, it’s best to check the service status page and crash detector to check the game servers. Also, follow Riot Games Social Media Accounts to keep track of when the servers will come back online and when the game is no longer under maintenance.


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