How much money would you have had if you bought $100 worth of Bitcoin in 2012?

In the world of investing, few assets have generated as much hype and rewards as Bitcoin.

This year, the leading cryptocurrency has reached new all-time highs, over $70,000 dollars in March.

Investors who bet on Bitcoin have seen their faith in the digital currency translate into big profits, especially those who invested before Bitcoin became a global phenomenon.

A review of the history of Bitcoin in popular culture leads us to its first mention on television, which occurred in 2012 in an episode of the television show ‘The Good Wife’.

The episode, titled ‘Bitcoin for Dummies’, aired On January 15, 2012This is the person who claims to represent the creator of the cryptocurrency before the Treasury Department.

If you’re wondering how much you would have today if you had invested just $100 when that episode aired, the Benzinga portal did the math and found the answer.

At that time, Bitcoin was priced at $3.41, so you would have bought it 29.3255 bitcoins With $100 dollars.

This means you would have just over $2.1 million dollars today, as each Bitcoin is worth between $72,963.64.

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