How to beat Highcard boss of Chapter 4 Temp 2

The new season has arrived with everything Fortniteand it is that mega citycomes full of surprises, skins, cosmetics, challenges and much more that players are already enjoying all its news.

And so, as with each new season of Fortnite, a new boss is usually added to the map, for you to find and eliminate and thus be able to obtain sweet loot of rewards, well, the Season 2 of Chapter 4 continues that trend as expected.

We have been introduced to the big villain of this season called Highcardand here we will share some tips on how to take him down and also what will be the rewards you will get from doing so.

How can we beat Highcard?

You see, Highcard appears near vaults around the map, such as MEGA City and brutal bastion, and he is accompanied by two henchmen in white suits. Your location can be random each round; we are actively investigating this.

Compared to the boss battles of previous seasons, Highcard is a relatively easy and straightforward boss, although you’ll still want to so you shouldn’t risk approaching him without full health and shields, as well as plenty of ammo.

By defeating him along with his minions first, then turn your sights on the main man to drop him for some nice loot. He won’t have any complicated attack patterns, so it’s just a matter of taking cover and hitting his shots.

The rewards that defeating Highcard offers you

When Highcard is defeated, you will have a chance to collect the Havoc suppressed assault rifle of Highcard that leaves behind. This deadly mythical weapon is fully automatic and silenced, making it an exceptionally powerful option to add to your arsenal. In addition to dropping his weapon, he will also leave behind a Vault Card that you can use to open the Vault in MEGA City, so what are you waiting for, let’s go get him!

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