How to capture Zorua step by step and evolve it in Zoroark

The Pokémon Zoruaoriginally from the fifth generation and from the region of Unovawas first included in the mobile game Pokémon GO from the event of Halloween of the year 2022 and since then this creature can already be obtained for your Pokdex in the game, as well as its direct evolution, Zoroark.

if you wonder how to get Zoruawe will let’s explain in this section of our tips and tricks guidesince Zorua is a Pokémon with a quite particular method of obtaining that many players are unaware of. Of course, we also teach you how to evolve it.

How to get Zorua in Pokémon GO?

Zorua, the Rogue Fox Pokémon, is a Dark-type creature that lives up to its nickname as it can “camouflage” In such a way that you have to follow certain steps to be able to find it in your Pokémon GO game. You should know that Zorua never found in the wild like a normal Pokémon, but actually he is capable of imitate somewhat the characteristics of Ditto.

that is, Zorua can take on the same appearance as your Partner Pokémon. In order to find Zorua in Pokémon GO, you must follow these steps:

  • First: In order to get Zorua you have to select a Pokémon as a Partner.
  • Choose any partner Pokémon: It is worth selecting any, but remember that you must feed it until it appears walking with you on the Map view.
  • When your partner is already walking with you: just wait until you see another copy identical to your Pokémon Partner appear; this happens randomly, so be patient.
  • One of the two copies of your Pokémon Buddy: it is actually a mischievous Zorua that is pretending to be your Pokémon, imitating its form.
  • Click on the duplicate of your Companion: and you will access the Pokémon capture screen.
  • Catch this Pokémon that has appeared: and finally Zorua will reveal himself when he is caught (similar to what happens with Ditto).

Keep in mind that the berries you use to catch the mimic Zorua count towards the Pokémon, so if for example you use berries that increase the number of candiesyou will get more candy from Zorua by catching it (you don’t get candy from the Buddy Pokémon it’s mimicking).

It should be emphasized, once again, that the Zorua in Pokémon GO They only appear this way that we have described to you (they cannot even be obtained by hatching eggs, raids or task rewards), and their spawn rate is completely random.

Trick to identify Zorua easily

As a recommendation to make it easier for you to identify and capture Zorua, I will advise select a Pokémon Partner of the Legendary, Rare or shiny type, since when choosing rarer Pokémon is easier to distinguish to Zorua when a duplicate appears posing as your Pokémon.

If, on the other hand, you have a very ordinary Companion that appears wild easily, it can be more complicated know when there is a camouflaged Zorua around you.

How to evolve Zorua in Zoroark?

Zorua can evolve in zoroark in Pokemon GO; To do this you must do the following:

  • To get Zoroark directly by evolving Zorua you must give the Pokémon 50 candies of his kind.

As usual, you can obtain Zorua’s Candies based on catch it successive times by means of the method that we have previously described. When you have 50 candies you can evolve a Zorua in Zoroark to add it to your collection.

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