How to dye leather armor in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft hasn’t always had as many options when it comes to customizing various aspects of your character. Nowadays things are really easy to use and you can change almost any part of your character you want. When it comes to armor, sometimes you don’t want the same color to be displayed at all times. Luckily, if you are a person who is very aware of how your character looks, you can dye Leather Armor. Here is how to do it.

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How to change the color of leather armor in Minecraft

To dye leather armor, you will first need a cauldron filled with water and some colored dyes in your inventory. Cauldrons can be found in villages or made from iron ingots. When you have it, place it somewhere and fill it with water from a bucket. Now, switch to one of your dyes and interact with the water to make it change color.

Now that the water is dyed, all you need to do is take out the leather armor piece in your hand and interact with the water to dye it. That piece will instantly drain some water and change the color of the item in your hand. Now you can equip it and see how it looks.

Gamepur screenshot

You can continue to dye the water by putting new dyes in it. Some will combine to mix different colors while others will just change the color directly to what you put on. As long as there is water in the cauldron, you can continue to apply dyes and take it out to put on your armor.

There are quite a few dyes in Minecraft, and some of them are made from interesting media if you play Survival. Some can be found very easily, while others are only obtained by matching two.


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