How to earn money creating maps in Fortnite

The video game will deliver money to the users who generate the maps where the most players enter.

Unreal Editor for Fornite en a tool that allows players to create their own maps for the videogame, using different design styles, from realism to animated. Within that announcement it was confirmed that these creations will be a form of monetization.

Epic Gamesresponsible for the game, opened a program so that content creators, and in general any user, can sign up to earn money thanks to this new technology.

The plan is for players to create their maps, promote them, and make a profit depending on how many people get in there and how regularly they do it.

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Unreal Editor is an alternative tool to Fortniteis not properly part of the game, but is downloaded separately and the maps that are created there can then be enjoyed with friends.

It is a free platform and for now it can only be accessed from a computer, although the maps can also be played from consoles.

The first step to want to monetize with the video game would be to become familiar with this platform, since it has several development elements that can be complex for some, although Epic’s goal is that everyone can enjoy it.

The game added a scenario editor, which has a great level of detail in the development. (Fortnite)

Knowing how to use the tool is essential because to earn money it is necessary that a large number of users enter the maps that are created and do so for a long time, which will be the two parameters that the company will measure to deliver the profits:

– Popularity: “Islands attracting new players and re-engaging inactive ones indicate that this is an experience that Fortnite users love. Therefore, players who have recently joined and those who return are taken into account.”

– Retention: “The islands that players return to day after day, week after week, indicate compelling gameplay. This consistency and returning players contribute to this calculation.

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With this idea, the maps must be created to be part of the Isla de Creadores program, which is the one that delivers the money and to which any user can register, regardless of whether they have followers on social networks, just by entering

There are only two conditions to enter the program. One is to be over 18 years of age or the age of majority established in each country, and the other is to have an account that is more than 90 days old.

However, the study in charge of Fortnite confirmed that they are working “to expand the program to younger creators in the future.”

Regarding earnings, the company does not make it very clear how the operation will be in detail. But he did confirm that 40% of the income obtained from the sale of items in the video game will be used to pay the creators of the islands and the payments will be made monthly.

The game added a scenario editor, which has a great level of detail in the development. (Fortnite)

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1. Go to the Epic Games Store.

2. Search for Fortnite and if you don’t have the game installed on your computer, download it first.

3. Go to the Plugins section.

4. Click on the Unreal Editor for Fortnite option.

5. Click on Get and the download and installation will be done for free.

Each creation will generate a unique code to be able to access that map and test it, so this can be shared with friends or with a community of followers so that more users enter and live the experience that someone else designed.

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