how to easily win a game by following this simple trick with the hammer

In the list that brought you what I thought were The best weapons of this Season 1 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite appeared the happy hammer. And I say ”happy” because the meta of the game has veered in a very specific direction: if you don’t have one at the end of the game it is very unlikely that you will even have a chance to win it. The reason for the latter is due to the enormous mobility that this object will give us, which allows us to cover great distances and control areas in a really simple way.

But we already know how we are the ones who play Fortnite: we are not satisfied with giving a weapon the use it Epic Games I had thought at first. And it is that, as I will tell you below, a utility has been discovered for the hammer with which You can easily win a game of battle royale if you are willing to behave like people who will do whatever it takes to achieve victory.

The creepiest way to win in Fortnite thanks to the hammer

  • The clip in question has been picked up by fort intel on Twitter 👈
  • In this you can see how two users of a squad have two hammers
  • These have been mounted on the hood of a pickup truck but… Why is it flying through the sky?
  • The answer is that when you hit the truck with the hammer, this will be propelled into the air
  • If it is done repeatedly, we can fly with it and wait until the last circle of the storm closes at the end of the game 🤔
  • Then, I leave you with the clip in question so that you can take a look at it with your own eyes

I think I’ve had a deja vu

do you remember when Could you win a game in the first seasons of Fortnite by making a gigantic bridge to the sky? The system here is the same and, considering that Epic Games released a patch to prevent such a strategy from being carried out, I would not be surprised if this hammer exploit was also fixed in a matter of days.

What do you think of this play? I read you in the comments.

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