How to farm unlimited iron in Minecraft using Golems

After the last update of Caves and Cliffs for Minecraftget the resource iron it is more difficult than ever, so the user community is looking for new methods to get this precious material.

One way to get iron in Minecraft after the last update of Caves and Cliffs is to try to get the fearsome ones iron golems that we can eliminate to obtain the resource we need.

In this guide we are not only going to tell you how to create iron golems or where to find them in games, but also how to create an iron golem farm so that you never lack this material, and it is very simple.

Thanks to the iron golems, they will also be able to keep the villages that interest you well protected, although on the other hand they could also turn against you if you have a very low popularity in the village.


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How to farm unlimited iron in Minecraft using Golems

Where to find iron golems

We can find the iron golems quite easily in the natural course of the games, and it is that they usually appear in the villages.

They are also usually trapped in some looter outposts, where you can free them and they will join you.

If you need iron, simply cause him to die in both cases.

How to create an Iron Golem

The recipe is very simple, and basically we have to place four iron blocks in the shape of a T, and then add a carved pumpkin on top. The layout is very important and there has to be space in all four corners of the 9×9.

How to make an iron golem farm

It’s pretty straightforward, and basically what you’re going to need is a few villagers, an enemy that enters the village, beds, hoppers, chests, and a bunch of blocks. Or you can create them if you want.

Golems could spawn inside the village, as long as there are at least 3 villagers and there is something to protect, so enemies must also enter the area.

The good thing about these creatures is that they not only protect villages or stand guard, but they also do not take damage from falling, or from falling into water.

But as we told you, if you have a very low popularity or are annoying in the village, they can turn against you.

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