How to find the Badlands biome in Minecraft

The Badlands biome, formerly known as the Mesa biome, is a unique warm biome in Minecraft. It features terracotta mounds and, at first glance, looks orange-brown in color with a heavy concentration of red sand. Unlike most biomes in the game, the Badlands biome is a rare sighting, and players may have to search much further to reach the biome. With that being said, there is a method that players can use to find the Badlands biome in Minecraft.

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Badlands biome location in minecraft

Unfortunately, if you’re a hardcore gamer and don’t want to tamper with the seed of your Minecraft world, no guaranteed method will get you into a Badlands biome. Your best bet is to just keep searching for the biome, which can be a time-consuming task in the long run. However, if you don’t mind playing the game ethically, you can simply copy your seed into a biome browser and note the coordinates of the nearest Badland.

Two variations of Badlands are available in Minecraft: Wooded Badlands and Eroded Badlands. Due to an additional layer of grass and coarse soil, The Wooded Badlands has oak trees on the upper levels. By contrast, the Eroded Badlands is a barren version of the normal Badlands and features tall structures known as hoodoos.

The Badlands biome is also home to a unique variant of a mineshaft made of dark oak wood. In the basic edition of the game, you will come across chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep in the Badlands biome.


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