how to get all the new Spring 2023 event rewards for free

The new update 24.10 of Fortnite It has already been launched in the game with a series of minor changes that are not worth mentioning beyond what the game already tells you about them, and even more so considering that many of our heads continue to spin since the Creative 2.0 announcement that would be aimed at revolutionizing what the battle royale offers. However, There is one thing that I do want to stop at for a moment: the new spring 2023 event.

The thing is that Epic Games has already commented everything we had to know regarding something that usually happens whenever it is launched. a seasonal event within Fortnite: the free items we can get thanks to it. Well, those that we can unlock with what is known as Spring Leak 2023 are not exactly few. Next, I tell you how all the rewards are obtained.

Get a new backpack, hang glider and more with Fortnite Spring Breakout

  • The missions that you will have to complete They will be available from today, the 29th 👈
  • Every day, a new mission will be added to the game
  • These will be available to be completed until next April 11
  • If you complete missions on certain days, you will get a reward. The list is as follows:
    • Day 1 Mission Reward: backpacking accessory Spring holder 1️⃣
    • Day 7 Mission Reward: shellbreaker graffiti 2️⃣
    • Day 9 Mission Reward: Sausage Collage loading screen 3️⃣
    • Day 12 Mission Reward: spring break banner icon 4️⃣
  • Besides, if you complete 12 quests, you will get the Spring Hatcher pickaxe 5️⃣
  • If you complete all 22 event missions, you will get the Spring Glider hang glider 6️⃣
  • The good thing is that the missions are simple enough to be completed without problems. Besides, the game map itself will tell you where to go on each occasion
  • Next, I leave you with images of all the rewards so that you can take a look at them with your own eyes:

What do you think of these rewards from the Fortnite Spring 2023 event? I remind you that you will have until April 11 to get them all.

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