How to increase muscles with effective simple exercises like weight lifting

For increase muscle mass You need to eat a healthy diet and get physical activity. And despite what many people think, experts recommend it. Simple exercises are as effective as lifting weights.

As we age, lean muscle mass naturally decreases. If you don’t take steps to replace lost lean muscle over time, your body fat percentage will increase, they highlight. Mayo ClinicA non-profit organization dedicated to clinical practice, education, and research.

In this way, they warn, strengthening muscles is the solution to preserving and improving your mass at any stage of life.

What are the benefits of increasing muscle mass?

The benefits of having stronger muscles are explained by FitiyaApps specialized in exercise and health:

  • Development of strong bones. By putting stress on the bones and strengthening the muscles, bone density increases and the risk of osteoporosis is reduced.
  • weight control. Strengthening muscles can help control or lose weight by increasing metabolism and burning more calories.
  • Improve quality of life. Strengthening muscles can improve quality of life and the ability to perform daily activities. It also contributes to better balance and reduces the risk of falls.
Stretching exercises improve the quality of life and help control weight.  Photo Shutterstock.Stretching exercises improve the quality of life and help control weight. Photo Shutterstock.
  • Treatment of chronic conditions. Increased muscle mass can reduce the signs and symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression and diabetes.
  • Intellectual skills improve. According to some research, regular muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise may improve learning in older adults.

still, It is always important to consult a doctor and personal trainer So that they can provide the best advice according to each case.

Which exercise is as effective as lifting weights for increasing muscle mass?

A study has shown that we can increase our muscle mass with a simple exercise, which can be as effective as lifting weights.

The key is pulling. The last part of our training that is often simply ignored.

Scientific work, published in eL’European Journal of Applied PhysiologyCompared how strength training routines and stretching routines can be useful when it comes to gaining muscle.

The study compared strength training and stretching routines.  Photo: UnsplashThe study compared strength training and stretching routines. Photo: Unsplash

And to the surprise of many, the result was that, in both groups, Uniform thickness of muscles was obtained.

What should be made clear is this conclusion This doesn’t mean giving up strength training And just strive to get a physique like Hulk.

This means that there is no point in getting so obsessed with incorporating weight lifting and other aspects of fitness into your routine.

How was the scientific study on stretching and muscles?

Experimental work was done with 81 participants Who already had training experience.

they were divided three groups: One had to do static stretching, another had to dedicate itself to resistance and the last did not follow any protocol, shows the published study.

The first group had to practice 15 minutes chest stretch (pectoralis major), four days a week for 8 weeks. They used specialized machines to be able to endure high speeds for established times.

Gain muscle without lifting weights. Gain muscle without lifting weights.

People who did strength training followed Traditional chest exercise routine, 3 weekly sessions for 8 weeks, Results were measured by studying maximum isometric strength, muscle thickness, and range of motion of the shoulders.

The results showed that In both cases there was significant improvement in strength, muscle thickness and flexibility.

But what’s even more surprising is that there was hardly any difference between the results of the two, which is why it was concluded that a stretching routine can be just as effective in gaining strength and muscle as a strength routine. .

As expected, the stretching group won. greater flexibility Compared to the other, due to the type and intensity of the exercise.

The stretching group gained more flexibility.  Photo Shutterstock.The stretching group gained more flexibility. Photo Shutterstock.

This study is useful to confirm how important and effective all stretches are. And as an important factor not only in preventing injuries and gaining muscle but also in helping us gain strength.

Thus, there is no need to sit continuously for 15 minutes to work intensively on your chest. Simply do stretches to build strength and incorporate them into our weekly routine.

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