How to know how many hours we have played League of Legends

Published: 2023-01-28T18:57:42

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If you have ever wondered how many hours you have played League of Legends but you do not know how to see it, we bring you a way to find out, and for that you just have to keep reading.

Let’s be honest, League of Legends It is one of those games where you know when you start playing but not when you finish because there is always that “last game”. For this reason, it is normal that over the last few seasons we have spent more hours than we would like on the Riot Games title.

Whether we are veteran players or if you are newer players, it will have crossed your mind to know how many hours of our life we have dedicated Even though the League of Legends client doesn’t have an hour meter by itself like platforms like Steam have, there is a way to find out. And it’s easier than you think.

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So we can know how many hours we have played League of Legends

The method to find out how much time we have lost… we have invested in League or Legends is as easy as entering the website of There we only have to enter our summoner name and select the region where we play.

Likewise, this platform is third-party and therefore it can only give us our account data from season 11. That is, unfortunately (or fortunately?) we will only be able to know the time from the year 2021.

hours played

With our data, a global top will be carried out

However, with our information a classification will be carried out and we will be able to see the data of the rest of the users. In this way we can know who is the person who has spent the most time both globally and in our region.

The article continues after the announcement.

Likewise, it will not only give us our classification but it will also translate our number of hours into days as well as the number of books we could have read, movies we could have seen and even kilometers we could have traveled.

How many hours have you put into League of Legends since season 11?

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