How to make a composter in Minecraft and what it does

The composter in Minecraft is a block that will turn crops, plants, and other compostable materials into bone meal. This is great, as anyone with a decent farm in Minecraft will attest to the amount of Bone Meal he’ll need to help fertilize his plants instantly. Composters allow you to quickly get rid of excess plant material, including poisonous potatoes, and turn it into something that will be very useful. Here’s a breakdown of how to create a composter and then use it.

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How to create a composter in Minecraft

To make a compost bin, you’ll need to place seven wooden slabs of any kind in a U shape on your workbench, leaving the top and center squares open. They must be the same type of wood, mixing and matching will not work. You can make wooden slabs by placing three wooden planks on the workbench, along the bottom row. Composters can also spawn in every village and you can take them.

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What does the Composter do?

The composter is used to create bone meal by simply adding the plant materials to the composter. By adding an item to the composter, you have the opportunity to add a layer of compost. Various items in the game have different chances of adding compost. For a full list of items and the ability to add compost, we suggest checking out the Minecraft Gamepedia page.

Once you have collected seven layers of compost in the composter, you can use it one last time to collect bone meal. You can also use composters in conjunction with hoppers so that the hopper automatically collects the bonemeal and deposits it into the chests. To do this, place the Compost Bin on the top side of the Hopper with the Chest attached below.

Additionally, Composters can give villagers the Farmer profession so you can trade farming related items with them. Only a villager can use a composter to change profession.


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