How to make circles in Minecraft – Circle generators and other tips

Arguably the most notable feature of Minecraft is its blocky design. The world and all its inhabitants are made of cubes. In fact, that iconic look is one of the reasons the game stands out so much. That said, when you’re in a Minecraft world, you might want to make a round object. No matter why you want it, here’s how to make circles in Minecraft.

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How to build a circle in minecraft

Before we start, it’s important to note that since we’re dealing with blocks, you’ll never make a perfect circle in Minecraft. Instead, we’re going to give the illusion of a circle. Keep in mind that the smaller the area you have to work with, the more angular it will look and the more difficult it will be to give it a rounded look.

To make a circle in Minecraft, first, choose an area with enough space to experiment. We have some ways that you can make your circles.

Diagonal Aligned Curves

Gamepur screenshot

When you have your place, first think about how big you want the circle to be. Set up a line of blocks in one direction and note how many you place. When you want to start the curve, start working inwards with blocks placed diagonally. Again, remember how many blocks you use in this direction. Continue using the same number of blocks to give your formation a circular look as you go.

As long as you use the same number for each line, your circle will look good. Even mixing and matching works well. For the image above, we used two diagonal blocks for both circles, but four straight lines on one and seven on the other.

angular curves

minecraft circle 3

Gamepur screenshot

Another useful way to make circles is to use altered block lines on the curves. This will give your circles a more cubicle look, but it looks great from a distance.

First, set your starting line of about five blocks. Instead of a line of diagonal blocks, place a short line of blocks in a space on the inside of your circle. We use two or three. Make a right angle with the same number of blocks that you just placed at the end of that line. Now complete the rest of the blocks with the same process.

With our example above, we used two blocks for our right angles, but if you can use more if you want, it might look more blocky.

short line curves

minecraft circle 4

Gamepur screenshot

For this method, you will be counting up and down a lot as you place the blocks. This is best used for larger circles.

First, make a short line of blocks. We like to start with five, but at least use three. Move into a space and make another line but with one less block. Continue working down until you get to one, turn your direction around and start making the lines again, but now work your way up to your starting number. When you get to the number you started with, start working your way down again.

For our example above, we started with a line of five blocks. When we got to one, we turned around and counted to five. You don’t have to go to one, but the more lines you enter, the more circular your setup will appear.

What is a circle generator for minecraft?

For any of the above methods, be sure to experiment to see which one you like best. Remember, you’re using straight edges to make curves here, so take your time and practice the above methods to find what you’re looking for. If you are trying to make a larger circle, you may need a visual aid to see where to place the blocks. In that case, we recommend finding a pixel circle generator online. The one we have linked is simple to use and understand.

Circle generators are just handy tools that let you figure out how a pixelated (or blocky) circle would need to be constructed to get that illusion of a circle. You can arrange the size you want it to be and save or print the image so you have physical evidence as you build it, how it should look when you’re done.


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