how to participate in the ‘Most Wanted’ leaderboards challenge and win rewards

The Cold Blooded faction still believes they own the map, but their vaults are not safe. In addition to the free rewards that we can earn by completing the missions of the Most Wanted eventwe can get a few more by participating in the leaderboards challenge in Fortnite.

What is the event?

We have until the early hours of Tuesday, February 28, 2023 to open as many vaults as we can in our games of Fortnite. Players who open the most vaults appear at the top of leaderboards globally, regionally, and among their friends. First of all, they need to register on the event website. You can find the link at the bottom of this note.

We can find the vaults in brutal stronghold, kinetic quarry and contrasting city. In order to gain access we have to defeat the bosses of the Cold Blooded faction that hang around those places and have the access cards we need to enter.

Also coming to Fortnite with update 23.40 are new weapons, buffs, and the Bad Reputation level and bosses for the Cold Blooded faction.

What are the rewards?

By participating and completing tasks in the ‘Most Wanted’ leaderboard challenge we can win the following free cosmetics:

  • “GG ​​on fire” emoticon: register on the event website
  • “Living to the fullest” spray: Use the personalized link at the bottom of the event website to invite a friend to join.
  • Paper «Retro Rivals»: open 10 vaults
  • Flawless Escape Loading Screen: Reward for participating in the challenge after it ends.

How to participate in the ‘Most Wanted’ Leaderboards Challenge Fortnite

To get started, all they need to do is sign in with the same Epic Games account they use on Fortnite on the website In this same place you can see the current leaderboards and redeem the ‘Most Wanted’ rewards you have earned in Fortnite.

The number of open vaults will start counting from the moment they sign up on the page. Will not take into account vaults opened before that.

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