How to play Fortnite in first person thanks to a bug

Not to vary, patch 23.30, the most recent update to FortniteIt has also brought with it numerous problems. Perhaps the most outstanding is the one that allows us to play in first person as if of a FPS it will be the Creative and Battle Royale modes. Just below we tell you how to enable this option and thus take advantage of this bug so you can try it yourself:

How to activate the first person camera in Fortnite

After the arrival of patch 23.30 on 01/31/2023, Save the worldFortnite’s cooperative game mode, received a new option. If we go to Settings> Game, we will see that we can activate the first-person camera. This in theory should only affect Save the World.

fortnite fps first person mode


With Fortnite patch 23.30 of 01/31/2023, in Save the World you can enable the first-person camera

Happens that, if we play Battle Royale or Creative with this Save the World option enabled, the camera goes crazy. A priori it seems that nothing happens, but when we sprint, the camera gets inside the head of our character. With certain weapons the view changes to first person when aimingsuch as the Assault Rifle or the Shrapnel Submachine Gun. With some weapons this effect is quite successfulwhile with others like the Burst Assault Rifle we don’t see what we’re aiming at.

We don’t think it will be long before Epic Games fixes this issue, though the fact that the option is already in Save the World means that the company continues to work on this new view for the Battle Royale and Creative modessomething that is known through rumors and similar problems since 2020.

Another of the great novelties of the 23.30 patch of Fortnite has been a new collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. On this occasion, They are Gohan and Piccolo they join the island to fight against other characters.

fortnite dragon ball super son gohan piccolo


Official art of the skins Son Gohan and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Super in Fortnite

Sources: Fortnite, own elaboration

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