How will the end of Minecraft Extreme be? Auron gives a clue

Auron Minecraft Extreme

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With almost a week of Minecraft Extreme, many wonder how his end will be. No wonder, we all want to see how the first series of the year ends and how well received it has been. For now, 10 content creators have already been removed. Of course, there are still a few more to fall until we live the final stretch of the series. And Raúl Álvarez spoke about this ending «Auron«.

The legendary Spanish content creator is one of the organizers of this great event and little by little he is giving us little breadcrumbs to try. increase the hype with the end of Minecraft Extreme.

Auron talks about the possible end of Minecraft Extreme

Will we have PvP? That is the big question that many ask themselves when thinking about the end of Minecraft Extreme. To try to calm that curiosity, or increase it depending on how you look at it. Auron commented live what could happen in the face of that end of the series. And it seems that he has several ideas in mind that the community might like a lot.

«Once the bottom 20 reach the final, the concept of lives disappears and probably among other mechanics that would be PvP combatAuron stated. To this he added that those who arrive with three lives could receive a reward to reward their perseverance and their way of resisting any possible test or combat they have faced.

However, this is not the only mechanic that the content creator would have thought of. «Or maybe I don’t do any of what I’m saying and Let’s play the Hunger Games. We joined two series and I love it. The last 20 nothing from Minecraft Extreme, we go directly to the Hunger GamesAuron said to everyone’s surprise.

We’ll see what happens eventually, though surely Auron already knows exactly how the series is going to end.

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