“I don’t know if the Virgin appears or not, it’s medicine for the soul”

About this Two million people visit every year A small town in Bosnia-Herzegovina called Medjugorje. Why do so many people gather at this place and what is its history? What happens in that small village that attracts so many believers and unbelievers to come there? Pablo RiojaCompiled in his book ‘Medjugorje purpose‘This is his most personal experience of whatever he saw and lived there.

The author, a journalist by profession, traveled to Medjugorje three times (2012, 2013 and 2015) to experience first-hand what he had read and researched for so many years. This is how ‘Medjugorje Objective’ becomes a book Travel, mystery and the relentless search for oneself Which leads him to vivid experiences that completely change him while he fights against his “I” and his beliefs. «I went there to look for cases of alleged demonic possession and I encountered my own demons. I don’t know whether the Virgin appears or not, but it is one of the best gifts they can give you today. It is medicine for the soul, a necessary personal shift where the least important thing is not who you are, but what you really want to start becoming,” says the author.

Is Medjugorje a type of supernatural theme park?Are the stories told about this place true? What is the true meaning of living in peace? Since a Marian apparition reportedly occurred in this remote village in 1981, many people have wanted to understand this phenomenon first-hand, with people already considering it. “Lourdes” or “Fatima of the 21st century”,

The supposed Marian apparitions that have been going on for over four decades, ten major mysteries for humanity that will soon be revealed, six psychics, physical miracles, alleged cases of possessions and paranormal phenomena and thousands of people whose lives have changed since they set foot there. The latter has taken a Copernican turn. An honest journalistic story where the author tells his experience in the first person.

Following the national and international success the author received with his report ‘Heaven Stops in Medjugorje’, now his book ‘Objetivo Medjugorje’ is set to become a reference, collecting an overwhelming testimony based on the author’s travels and experiences and how . Every time he returned home, fate would turn crazy. After these trips. Interviews and other evidence come together in a book in which mystery and analysis make their way into a relentless world of suspicion and sometimes confusion.

Presentation in Valencia and where to buy it

Journalist Pablo Rioja, who is now making his first literary steps with ‘Objetivo Medjugorje’ with the help of the publishing house Custodian Books, has worked as a journalist at Diario de León since 2007, where he served as an editor. work done. Culture, Local, Province, International and Sports. He has also worked on the digital edition of the newspaper and coordinated several supplements.

The book will be presented this Tuesday, January 23 at 8:30 pm in the San Miguel y San Sebastián Parish of Valencia. they are with the author Laura MontesinosValencian doctor and writer and Sonia Vazquez, mom and content creator. ‘Objetivo Medjugorje’ can be purchased online at Amazon, El Corte Inglés, FNAC, Librería San Pablo and Casa del Libro, as well as in physical stores or on the day of the presentation for 19.90 euros.


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