If you play competitive Overwatch 2, be prepared for major changes to ranks and progression to come.

Overwatch 2, like a good game in constant expansion, needs changes every few months. We are not talking about modifications that ruin what is already known, but fringes, important holes and, what is most important, its progression must be corrected. Looking ahead to Season 3 of the hero shooterone of the changes that Blizzard will address is the competitive and especially the ranks of the same.

Ranking up is a complex thing. It does not imply knowing too much how the game works, but it does have to be done well and, ultimately, be very lucky because it is somewhat unbalanced. With this in mind, Americans will reduce the number of games needed for the rank upgradesas well as a new interface for said progress will be introduced.

Regarding this first detail, if we look at the new Blizzard blog post, the creative team adds that the number of wins between competitive updates will go from 7 to 5 wins, or from 20 to 15 losses. With this, it is expected that players finish less frustrated for their performance or that of their teammates.

In fact, it is the pairing o matchmaking the biggest enemy of the players. It seems that at Blizzard they are aware of the system something unbalanced that presents the game now, so they will be introduced improvements thinking specifically of the competitive game, real battlefield experience.

Overwatch 2 revives its world cup and we already know who the first rivals of our team are

On the other hand, the interface previously mentioned will not arrive, at least, until the middle of the season. While we don’t know when Season 3 will end, based on the current Season 2, the midseason It will take place sometime in March (bearing in mind that Season 3 should start on February 7).

These will not be the only competitive changes. facing the Season 4 A number of changes have also been discussed, although the Blizzard team reserves the news for later. These will revolve around refining the interface, adding more information for progress, and further improving the game. matchmaking of the game.

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