“I’ll Always See Your Faces”: Why Do High School Students Love the Movie? they tell !

During César’s presentation of “I Will Always See Your Faces” to high school students, the students explained to filmmaker Jean Herry the reasons for their choice. To listen !

Last February, a film, not just any film, won a Cesar Award for high school students: I will always see your faces. The opportunity to harness a point of view (addressing, in detail, the process of restorative justice), a filmmaker’s eye, but also a remarkable score of actors. Including the poignant Adele Exarchopoulos, who was crowned a Cesar for supporting actress. Worthy if you ask us.

But after the coronation, comes the official awards ceremony!

And it wasn’t done without emotion, at the Grand Rex, with the film crew and the students who came to talk about it. words that explain why i will always see your faceslike some books (sad tiger by Neige Sinno, winner of the Goncourt des Lycens) was able to unsettle them to such an extent. And what they say says a lot about the great causes that inspire new generations. However, we must remember that this César was born from the choice of a jury composed of 2,286 final year students from high schools across France.

Do we listen to them?

“Thank you Jean Hary!”

Why is this story, a mix of fiction and documentary (filmmaker Jean Héry has accumulated research and documentation!) able to fascinate high school students in France to such an extent? We listen to Chloe, the student who came to give a speech: “It’s a film set against a backdrop of sadness… but one that ultimately leads to hope“. She adds: “And this despite being very clear. Thank you Jean Hary for showing all the victims of the real world that, like your characters, rebuilding yourself is possible.,

We think very deeply about these words To a key character who follows a trajectory parallel to the others for two hours until she finds her attacker at the scene of a powerful exchange: Chloe (yes, her name is also Chloe), Played by Adele Exarchopoulos. A victim of incest who will confront his brother, played by Raphaël Quenard. It is his choice and his possible reconstruction that is in question.

Additionally, the actress said during the seizure: “it’s a price All closes that attempt to repair the irreparable!“. And the actress continued in the Grand Rex, in front of high school students: “Great roles are very rare and this is one of my great roles, it’s a gift,

We suspect high school student Florian will think differently. During this awards ceremony, he testified ,You knew, Jean Hary, how to give full space to looks, sound and silence in your films. Restorative justice is the intersection between these three components!“. And the young man continued: “What impressed all of us was the word that was released, this suppressed word that suddenly burst forth…,

,…but also listening without judgment. And what moved us all were the reactions that some people had to others in the film, these unconscious gestures that brought them closer to each other, and allowed a longer journey toward forgiveness . Thank you, because it is beautiful to see hope blooming again!,

Words that clearly explain why we, too, cried and trembled so much in front of all of us i will always see your faces, A chance to re-read our long exchange with our filmmaker!

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