I’m a ‘streamer’, don’t ask me about my private life: Mister Jagger, Fortnite and the tabloids, protagonists of an applauded viral trolling

The popular streamer and youtuber starred in an interview at the Ídolo Awards that has been widely shared on social networks.

Instagram / Mister Jagger

The creation of digital content is a sector that does not stop growing and more and more content creators can dedicate themselves exclusively to record videos about their hobbies and interests for different content platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, or directly broadcast in the open. Living from the networks is easier for some than for others and, although it is often questioned if it is a job, the protagonists are not always happy with the term ‘influencer’, they defend tooth and nail the amount of time that they invest in generating their content, managing their networks and agendas and, in short, everything that entails. AND this is how the Ídolo Awards were born, created by Aida Domenech, better known as Dulceidatogether with The Music Republic with the aim of recognizing the work of the union by rewarding the digital content creators of our country.

“Don’t stop creating, what we do is very beautiful,” the influencer and businesswoman begged her colleagues last week at the Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío in Madrid.

With more than a thousand attendees, including guests and nominees in the different categories, the second edition of the Ídolo Awards was the subject of great attention from the press, attracted by the increasing fame of some of these content creators, which even in some cases have already achieved celebrity status. Many, in fact, even sell exclusives and star in the covers of famous magazines, but one of the most commented moments on the Red Carpet was related to precisely the opposite: with the peculiar way in which a famous ‘streamer’ reminded the heart press that he is not there to talk about his private life.

The person “in charge” of doing it was Mr. Jagger, a popular ‘streamer’ and Youtuber with more than a million followers on Twitch and winner of the first edition of “La Velada del Año” who appeared at the gala in disguise, but who was not in the news solely for that reason. Although in his networks Mister Jagger is mainly dedicated to making humorous content and broadcasting ‘gameplays’ live, the streamer caught the attention of the tabloids without looking for it a few months ago when, After learning about the breakup of Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide, it was said that he was in a relationship with the Catalan influencer.

Although all that could never be confirmed and Laura Escanes has already confirmed her relationship with another person, a reporter on the red carpet of the idols wanted to bring up the subject in his interview with Mister Jagger, who answered by talking about the video game Fortnite. You can see it below:

The interview has been considered a “trolling” and has gone very viral on networks, where the streamer’s inventiveness is applauded to avoid questions about his private life that he was not willing to answer.

“How did you handle that?” The reporter asked him in reference to the rumors. “Well, I was at home, playing Fortnite Play”began Mr. Jagger. “I was finishing season 2 of Fortnite. They released a lot of new skins, weapons… Because they are changing. They are coming out as new events. So they released, for example, a hammer that explodes on the ground and you can advance further, or they take you out a sniper but after two days they took the sniper from you”.

After the initial response, the ‘streamer’ continued to respond in the same way. “There was laughter on the internet and it was contagious to me,” he admitted when asked by the journalist. “Did it shock you that this news came out?” The interview continued. “Man, not as much as the Fortnite seasons, because also you don’t know when they will change.”

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