In Europe they want to include animal welfare aspects in artificial intelligence legislation

European Union environmentalists have issued a warning. On this occasion, they complain because this bloc’s Artificial Intelligence law does not address the possible impacts of AI systems on animal welfare and demand reforms that take into account this aspect as well as plant-based diets. Keep.

Environmentalists point out that Speciesism (the practice of considering any other non-human species as inferior) This is an idea of ​​a lack of animal morality that leads to prejudice against members of one’s own species; That is, humans, an aspect that has been compared to sexism and racism.

Serbia is the only country in the world that mentions it in its law. Impact of AI on animals, Therefore, according to a note published by portal, the technological systems to be developed must respect the well-being of animals, humans and the environment.

Furthermore, the AI ​​systems they developed have supported the progress animal welfare standards, Such as animal testing alternatives, analog protein production and chatbots suitable for vegans.

In relation to the treatment of animals, Mimi Becchi, campaign advisor for PETA in the Netherlands, said that “the language used to describe other animals can influence the way we view and treat them. AI language systems absorb human-centric biases, so if They use phrases that minimize cruelty to animals Or it has archaic and negative connotations, AI understands them that way.” (read in animal husbandry issue: Animal welfare is important for most Europeans, according to Eurobarometer)

An example of these cases is accompanied by chatgpt According to Joanna Swabe, senior director of public affairs at Humane Society International-Europe, the end of this technology has reinforced prejudices about the value of animals. Farm animals, who thinks of them only as food,

except serbiaNo government talked about making regulatory framework Not only in animal welfare, but in various aspects regarding AI systems. That’s why Julia Butch, senior consumer food analyst at Rabo Research Food & Agribusiness, described the AI ​​field as a “chaotic jungle,” even though there’s a law coming out in the EU that seeks to capitalize on these aspects. , But This will be valid from 2026.

Additionally, animal welfare organizations, environmentalists and artists say they have time amend this law And it includes regulations that improve these aspects for the sake of ethical value towards animal life.

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